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Dean’s Office Research Staff Strategic Plans Bridge Funding IACUC IRB New Faculty Orientation Research Overview.

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1 Dean’s Office Research Staff Strategic Plans Bridge Funding IACUC IRB New Faculty Orientation Research Overview

2 Dean’s Office Research Staff Etta Pisano: Dean Craig Crosson: Senior Associate Dean for Research Mary McConnell: Program Coordinator Steve Rosenzweig: Research Infrastructure Ann-Charlotte “Lotta” Granholm-Bentley: Special Projects Jan Buffington: Space Management Research Leadership Team: Etta Pisano, William Argraves, Howard Becker, Kathleen Brady, Carolyn Britten, Craig Crosson, Judy Dubno, Gary Gilkeson, Lotta Granholm, Louis Guillette, Dan Lackland, Steve Rosenzweig

3 Research Strategic Plans Overall strategic plan for the College of Medicine was developed in October of 2010. Areas identified for investment: Genetics Population Science Infrastructure Translational research

4 Research Strategic Plans Genetics Strategic Plan Developed in September of 2011 and called for the development of a Center for Genomic Medicine. The center mission is to provide the leadership, expertise and core resources to facilitate the acquisition and application of genetic and genomic information to research and to the practice of medicine across the MUSC campus and throughout South Carolina. Public Health Sciences Strategic Plan Developed in December of 2011 and called for the development of a Department of Public Health Sciences. The Department’s mission is to promote public health sciences across the College of Medicine through research that enhances public health and disease prevention and to develop a faculty dedicated to advancing public health strategies in the practice of medicine and maintaining the health of the entire community.

5 Infrastructure In July of 2011 the College of Medicine created an Infrastructure Committee to review and assess the infrastructure needs within the College. Biorepository Vision: “To develop a university-wide, state-of-the art Tissue Biorepository network that advances research, service, and education”. Research Strategic Plans

6 Bridge Funding The purpose of the bridge funding program is to support investigators with established clinical or basic research programs during periods when a competitive renewal or “next stage” application is not funded. The originating grant must have received full indirect costs. Examples of eligible grants include competing R01 and NSF renewals and new R01 resubmissions that were initiated by an R03, R21 or K award. Bridge funding awards will not exceed $60,000. Awards will be co-funded by equal contributions from the Dean’s office and the Department where the original award was assigned. The award period will be for one year. Application deadlines for bridge-funding will be April 15th, August 15th, and December 15th of each year.

7 Purpose: to ensure that animals used in research receive humane care and treatment and all applicable laws, regulations and requirements are met. Activities: Review applications and amendments Establish guidelines and policies Educate and train faculty and staff Oversee all aspects of the animal care and use in conjunction with Division of Laboratory Animal Resources Contact Information Cyndi Rosenblatt, MPA, CPIA (IACUC Program Manager) Rupak Mukherjee, PhD (IACUC Chair) http:// 792-6553 Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

8 Institutional Review Board for Human Research (IRB) Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) that provide the primary review and approval of all human research protocols at MUSC. The IRBs, as well as the principal research investigator, are responsible for safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in research. 792-4148 6 th Floor (Room 601) Harborview Towers

9 IRB 1 1 st Tuesday – Mark Hamner, M.D. Chair – Susan Newman, Ph.D. Vice-chair – Linda Bunch, CIPAdministrator IRB 23 rd Tuesday – Susan Sonne, Pharm.D.Chair – Steven Swift, M.D. Vice-chair – Summer Young, J.D., MPH, CIPAdministrator IRB 32 nd and 4 th Tuesdays – David Lewin, M.D.Chair – Donald Courtney, M.D.Vice-chair – Jackie Shedrow CIPAdministrator – Paul KellyAdministrator

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