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1 Pharmaceutical Companies – under radar of stricter Marketing Norms!

2 Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd Gifts to Doctors will be taxed!

3 Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd Sponsoring of Foreign tours to Doctors- not allowed!

4 Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd ? ? ? SO, What is the new & ethical way of marketing for Pharmaceutical companies ?

5 Mumukshu Healthcare always believed in ethical ways of marketing pharmaceutical products. Doctor being the decision maker in selecting particular drug, has always been influenced by different ways to prescribe particular brand of medicine. But new guidelines from drug authorities will make it stricter to market the pharmaceutical products. Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd Ethics and Marketing

6 Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd ‘India like many other countries do not allow direct advertising of Prescription drugs. So companies have to search for new ethical ways of marketing their products to reach their customers i.e. Doctor and patients’. Ethics and Marketing

7 Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd So, what are you waiting for?

8 Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd New ways, Innovative campaigns for Pharmaceutical Marketing

9 Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd Contact us immediately before your competitor knocks at our door !!

10  Make your every product a brand by itself  Brand wise segmentation of doctors  Customer driven campaigns – Don’t try to sell what you make. Make that, what customer needs. Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd Customized campaigns

11 Creative posters for -   Diabetes  Exercise   Obesity  Walking And much more under pipeline… Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd Coming up… Poster Campaign

12 Event Specific Campaigns Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd World Obesity Day ; World Diabetes Day; & many more … l Various conferences are held on these occasions in different parts of world. l How can you utilize these events to stand apart from your competitors? l We at Mumukshu are continuously engaged in developing such event specific campaigns.

13 Connect with Customers Own a character and let it speak on behalf of you about your brands. Examples – Amul girl - Amul Co. Mickey mouse – The Walt Disney Company Using an owned / copyright character in promotional campaigns will be great move to connect with customers ‘Think out of Box to be in the Box of Profit’ The Amul Girl; Walt Disney; Mickey Mouse; are all copyrights of the Respective Companies. Examples given are for representation Purpose

14 Customer Engagement Task doesn’t end at connecting with customers. You need to engage customers through different ways. Example - Lays kept their customers engaged through 'Fight for your Flavor‘. Here people can vote for their favourite flavour and the flavour which gets maximum votes would be continued in the market. Along with the product as a brand, you could do umbrella branding of the organization using one unique character mentioned in previous slide. Get the exclusive rights for such unique character from Mumukshu Healthcare and enjoy the vibrancy of business world with ethical approach. Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd

15 For a total revamp of your Brand Management Strategies & Innovative Brand Management Solutions contact Mumukshu Healthcare Pvt Ltd Address: SB – 159, 2 nd Floor, High Street – Highland Corporate Centre, Kapurbawdi Junction, Thane (west). Tel No. - 022 25410301 email: Shailesh Patil: Dr Rohan Butte: Mobile: Shailesh Patil +91 9820998429 Dr Rohan Butte +91 9773823494

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