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Cookie Sandwich Challenge

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1 Cookie Sandwich Challenge
Week of

2 9.8 Warm up Describe why it is important for scientists to share their research and data? What would happen if scientist no longer shared this information? Answer in three COMPLETE sentences When you are done with your warm up study for your book support quiz quietly.

3 Book Support Quiz Make sure your first and last name are on the quiz and class period Keep your eyes on your own work When you are done, turn it over and sit quietly Grading Pass your quiz to the person on your right Mark any questions that are wrong, write the number wrong on the top of the page Sign your name on the bottom of the quiz

4 Cookie Sandwich Challenge
What are the criteria and the constraints of this challenge? Design your investigation Run your investigation Communicate your results

5 Warm Up 9.9 In a 4-5 sentence paragraph, answer the following questions: Describe in detail your favorite flavor of Oreo sandwich cookie. Describe what the cookie looks and tastes like and include a labeled drawing of the cookie.

6 Warm Up 9.10 How did your group’s results from the Sandwich Cookie Challenge compare to the results of the rest of the groups in class? Did you have any problems (i.e. spills, mistakes, etc.) during the activity?

7 Warm Up 9.11 What is your favorite breakfast cereal? What kinds of toys can you often inside a cereal box? Why do cereal companies spend the money putting toys in the box?

8 9.12 Warm up – Copy vocabulary into notebook
Repeatable: when someone follows the reported procedure, they get similar results Replicate: to run a procedure again and get the same results Precision: how close together the measure values are Range: the zone between the largest and smallest solution results Variation: a wide spread of data variable: a quantity whose value may change (Vary) over the course of an experiment

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