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15. German Wheat and Rye Beer BJCP Study Group November 13, 2013 Karen White.

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1 15. German Wheat and Rye Beer BJCP Study Group November 13, 2013 Karen White






7 Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Weizen: wheat Weiss: white Hefe: yeast Dunkel: dark Weissbier, Hefeweizen, Hefeweissbier, Weizen, Dunkelweizen Ein Weissbier bitte.

8 Weizen. Ein Etikette Quiz. Trinken wir Weizen… … at the Gym? … at Oktoberfest? … at Fasching? … in 1L glasses? … for breakfast? … with lemon?

9 Historie 1500: von Degenbergs establish the first recorded Weissbier brewery in Schwarzach. 1602: The Wittelsbacher empire takes over exclusive rights. Breweries are built across Bavaria including one in Munich. 1602 through 1700s: Weissbier flourishes. Late 1700s-1810: Popularity declines and breweries close. 1855: Georg Schneider takes over the lease of the Weisses Hofbrauhaus. 1872: Schneider moves and negotiates the rights to brew Weissbier for himself and the public. Weissbier makes a modest comeback. 1960-2008: Production grows from 3% to 9% of the German market and sees popularity grow across the globe.

10 Charakteristik 50-70% malted wheat Phenolic and estery aroma and flavor (as a result of yeast and fermentation parameters) Highly carbonated (2.8-5.1 volumes CO2) Lightly hopped (6-18 IBU) Traditionally decoction mashed

11 15A. Weizen/Weissbier Aroma: Moderate to strong phenols (clove) and fruity esters (bananas). Noble hop character low to none. Light to moderate wheat aroma (bready or grainy). Appearance: Pale straw to very dark gold. Thick, long-lasting white head. Variable level of haze. Flavor: Low to moderately strong banana and clove. Optional, light but not dominating vanilla and/or bubblegum. Bready/grainy or sweet may complement. Hop bitterness low to none. Citrusy character often present.

12 15A Weizen/Weissbier (cont.) Mouthfeel: Medium-light to medium body. Effervescent. Overall: A pale, spicy, fruity, refreshing wheat- based ale. Statistics: IBUs: 8-15- OG: 1.044-1.052 SRM: 2-8- FG: 1.010-1.014 - ABV: 4.3-5.6%

13 15B. Dunkelweizen Aroma: See 15A. Often accompanied by caramel, bread crust or richer malt aroma. Appearance: Light copper to mahogany brown. Thick, long-lasting off-white head. Variable level of haze. Flavor: See 15A. Richer caramel and/or melanoidin character may complement. Malty richness low to medium-high but not overpowering. Roasted malt character is inappropriate.

14 15B. Dunkelweizen (cont.) Mouthfeel: Medium-light to medium-full. Overall: A moderately dark, spicy, fruity, malty, refreshing wheat-based ale. Statistics: IBU: 10-18- OG: 1.044-1.056 SRM: 14-23- FG: 1.010-1.014 - ABV: 4.3-5.6%

15 15C. Weizenbock Aroma: Rich, bock-like melanoidins and bready malt with dark fruit. Moderate to strong phenols (vanilla and/or clove) and some banana esters. No hop aroma. Appearance: Dark amber to dark, ruby-brown. Thick, long-lasting light tan head. Haze variable. Flavor: Complex marriage of rich, bock-like melanoidins, dark fruit, spicy clove-like phenols, light banana and/or vanilla, and moderate wheat flavor.

16 15C. Weizenbock (cont.) Mouthfeel: Medium-full to full body. Creamy and warming. Moderate to high carbonation. Overall: A strong, malty, fruity, wheat-based ale combining the best flavors of a dunkelweizen and the rich strength and body of a bock. Statistics IBUs: 15-30- OG: 1.064-1.090 SRM: 12-25- FG: 1.015-1.022 - ABV: 6.5-8%

17 15D. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer) Aroma: Light to moderate spicy rye aroma intermingled with light to moderate weizen yeast aromatics. Light noble hops acceptable. Appearance: Light coppery-orange to very dark reddish or coppery-brown color. Large, creamy, off-white to tan head. Cloudy, hazy. Flavor: Grainy, moderately-low to moderately- strong spicy rye flavor. Initial malt sweetness. Low to moderate weizen yeast character. Low to moderate noble hop flavor.

18 15D. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer) Mouthfeel: Medium to medium-full body. High carbonation. Overall: A dunkelweizen made with rye rather than wheat but with a greater body and light finishing hops. Statistics: IBU: 10-20- OG: 1.046-1.056 SRM: 14-19- FG: 1.010-1.014 - ABV: 4.5-6%

19 Rezepte

20 Quellenangabe Photos: Wikipedia and the Weisses Brauhaus website German Wheat Beer, Eric Warner Brewing with Wheat, Stan Hieronymus 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines Brewing Classic Styles, Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer

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