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UCSF OB/GYN & RS June 2014. Agenda Stages Recent accomplishments Current initiatives Appendix Summary: Mission, Vision, Values, Priorities 6 Strategic.

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1 UCSF OB/GYN & RS June 2014

2 Agenda Stages Recent accomplishments Current initiatives Appendix Summary: Mission, Vision, Values, Priorities 6 Strategic Plan Committees 2

3 Stages FY 2012 – Planning Phase Strategic Planning Initiative Kick Off Leadership, Stewards, and Action Plans FY 2013 – Implementation Phase (Year 1) Retreats Held, Processes Established FY 2014 – Implementation Phase (Year 2) Initiatives Started, Processes Refined FY 2015 – Implementation Phase (Year 3) Initiatives Continued, Monitor/Assess/Review 3

4 4 /Spring MAY

5 Recent Accomplishments TimeframeAction Fall 2013 Diversity Committee conducts retreat, using Cracking the Code to focus discussion Thrive Committee does All Hands meeting on engagement, and starts Rounding Check-in project for the School of Medicine side. Research Committee refocuses its membership and holds retreat to identify 3-5 cross-cutting topics. Focus is cross-departmental engagement, leverage knowledge, share resources. Destination of Choice Patient Advisory Council model vetted, Patient Satisfaction Metric and Living Pride overview of currently utilized metrics Education Committees’ Activity Inventory List by division completed, including, who, what, where, and $’s. 5

6 Recent Accomplishments TimeframeAction Winter 2013 - 2014 Diversity education subcommittee sponsors a talk by Dr. Alicia Fernandez on HealthCare Disparities at the Bedside. Diversity Committee worked directly with the Department residency program to increase diversity amongst its trainees and supported the “second look recruitment strategy” that brought minority candidates to UCSF. Communications Taskforce develops and sends out wireframe to stakeholders. Also identifies “web worker” from each SP Committee Destination of Choice refines PAC letter and recruitment process begins Research Committee reviews topics submitted from retreat and refines proposal process. Thrive Committee continues follow-up on supervisor rounding. 6

7 Recent Accomplishments TimeframeAction Spring - Summer 2014 Web Tools integrated into SP committee meetings for better collaboration, communication, etc. among committee members, e.g. ReadyTalk, UCSF Box, etc. Research Committee presented 2 proposals to Department Budget and Finance Committee / Leadership Council for review and approval Thrive Committee plans Department All Hands Meeting prior to Staff Appreciation Giants Game for pre-game appreciation, team- building, and enjoyment! New Department website in final development and to be launched summer 2014 7

8 Current Initiatives Strategic PriorityAction Foster a shared departmental identity Diversity Committee: Plan quarterly Educational Seminars for the department. Participate in search committees Advance work with campus-wide Diversity & Outreach program. Thrive Committee: Rounding efforts focus on increasing shared identity intergroup and intragroup – highlights shared interests as a department. 8

9 Current Initiatives Strategic PriorityAction Environment where faculty and staff thrive Thrive Committee: Plan next All Hands meeting Continue Supervisor Rounding project. Ongoing projects related to employee surveys, and improving communications to increase engagement. Destination of Choice: Recognition initiatives Sustainable Financial Model Strategic Plan Economic Committee (SPEC): Continue to educate faculty about finance topics Implement Funds Flow 2.0 – moving from taxation model to reward model Continue to monitor and assess impact of Operational Excellence (OE) initiatives 9

10 Current Initiatives Strategic Priority Action Innovative Educational Model Education Committee: 4 Initiatives under subcommittees: Education Dashboard Educational Incentives Adding Education Expectation to Appointment Letters Faculty Development in Education Additional: Refining processes Hold a Retreat Liaison to Destination of Choice Focus 2 Grand Rounds speakers specifically on education topics per year 10

11 Current Initiatives Strategic Priority Action Destinations of Choice Destination of Choice: Advance Living Pride, AIDET, SMILE, Friendliness and Courteousness initiatives. Continue Patient Advisory Council Establish staff recognition program Continue to encourage staff training focused on enhancing the patients’ experiences Maintain focus on both SFGH and UCSF Health System as destinations of choice Diversity, Thrive, and Education also have input in the forms of addressing healthcare disparities, employee satisfaction, and the role of education at the bedside. 11

12 Current Initiatives Strategic PriorityAction Roadmap for Comprehensive Research Enterprise Department Budget & Finance Committee and Leadership Council: Monitor 2 approved research proposals for use of trans- disciplinary framing using the 5 pillars (Basic, Translational, Clinical, Decision-making/Education, and Population) that arose from the SP planning retreat Research Committee: Annual research retreat mimicking the October 2013 retreat to report back on progress from the past year, foster additional collaborations across the Department, facilitate communication, and continue to build on trans-disciplinary research programs where breakthrough thinking becomes the norm. 12

13 Current Initiatives Strategic PriorityAction Communications / Websites Communications Committee: Develop and launch new department website Working with other SP committees to determine most effective communication means and to leverage available communications resources for outreach to department, such as video production. Streamline workflow by linking frequently used SP resources to the SP website. 13

14 Appendix 14

15 Summary: Mission, Vision Our Mission: To improve the lives and health of all women through excellence, innovation and leadership in: Patient care Scientific discovery Education Advocacy Our Vision: To advance and transform women’s health through innovation and discovery Patient care Research Education Public Policy 15

16 Summary: Values Our Values: Integrity Excellence Sustainability Diversity Commitment to sharing knowledge Respect Compassion Scholarship Openness Altruism Fairness 16

17 Summary: Priorities Our Priorities: Foster a shared departmental identity Foster an environment where faculty and staff thrive Develop and implement a sustainable financial model Develop an innovative and sustainable education model Become the destination of choice for clinical care Create and implement a roadmap for a comprehensive research enterprise 17

18 Strategic Plan Committees 1. Strategic Plan Economic Committee (SPEC) Leads: Dr. Nancy Milliken & Dr. Rebecca Jackson Address finances of the Dept. related to strategic planning issues, as a working analytical group, not as a decision-making group Develop dashboards in conjunction with clinical, research, and education programs to enable ongoing evaluation of revenue enhancement, productivity, and expenses Oversee education about fiscal literacy, promote financial transparency & strategic investments of resources Inform the discussion of identifying profitable areas of clinical growth and strategizing about how to grow these areas Establish EVUs specific to the Dept.’s educational activities Prepare analysis for key decisions Analyze financial aspects of strategic plan recommendations 18

19 Strategic Plan Committees 2. Thrive: Faculty & Staff Sustainability Leads: Dr. Karen Meckstroth & Julie French Plan and coordinate All Hands Meeting(s) Develop & finalize plan to enhance feedback and evaluation mechanisms for faculty & staff throughout Dept. & increase training for mgrs. to ensure meaningful evaluations Address work/life balance issues & retention initiatives Convene 2 sub-committees to focus on faculty & staff compensation: Staff Compensation – align staff classification to ensure equitable compensation, Faculty Compensation – review faculty compensation plan in line with SOM, ensuring incentivizing & rewarding people, in conjunction with wRVU taskforce 19

20 Strategic Plan Committees 3. Diversity Leads: Dr. Katherine Bianco & Judy Young Build diversity requirements into recruitment, including having a member of department diversity committee sit on all faculty and high-level staff searches Educate faculty/staff about: importance of diversity, how to attract diverse candidates, how to create an inclusive climate Increase diversity amongst faculty, trainees, and staff and retain current faculty and staff from under-represented minority groups Develop a stronger relationship with the UCSF Office of Diversity & Outreach to explore opportunities for learning & growth Enhance working relationship with campus-wide diversity committee 20

21 Strategic Plan Committees 4. Education Leads: Dr. Lee-may Chen & Laura Pliska Coordinate agreement on and develop educational dashboard in conjunction with SPEC to monitor educational health of Department Collaborate with the Clinical Care Strategic Planning group to develop demonstrations of how involvement of learners can improve the quality of patient care 21

22 Strategic Plan Committees 5. Destination of Choice Leads: Dr. Sharon Knight & James Bair Agree upon Service Standard Benchmarks for Patient Access and Satisfaction (increase patient satisfaction, ensure each visit to WH practice is an exceptional experience, etc.) Address continuity of care challenges within system comprised of many part-time providers – optimize RN, NP roles Work with education group to ensure residents are involved in patient satisfaction improvement efforts Increase patient retention within the Dept. / UCSF by enhancing cross-practice collaboration and prioritizing internal referrals Enhance social media / web presence Develop departmental-based strategy to enhance referral relationships with Community-based providers and improve the referral process into UCSF and SFGH 22

23 Strategic Plan Committees 6. Research Lead: Dr. Miriam Kuppermann Develop process for determining 3 – 5 clinically-relevant research questions that span basic, clinical, and policy research that can be used to package the overall work of the Department Investigate development of the infrastructure to support large comprehensive grant submissions. Determine if the infrastructure needed is affordable in conjunction with SPEC. 23

24 Strategic Plan Taskforce Communication Leads: Brian Auerbach & Kirsten Thompson Improve cross-division communication to foster collaboration, enhance efficiency, and promote a sense of unity Create and implement a formal communications plan with expanded communications activities, including specific plans for content creation. The planning process will allow for buy-in and c ollaboration Implementing the plan will help achieve multiple strategic priorities including priorities being addressed by other groups. 24

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