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1. KCS Strategic Goals: Focus on the student to ensure they excel academically and are prepared for life beyond the classroom. Recruit, select, induct,

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2 KCS Strategic Goals: Focus on the student to ensure they excel academically and are prepared for life beyond the classroom. Recruit, select, induct, develop, support, promote, compensate and retain effective educators. Engage parents and community in a meaningful way to support student learning. Build the infrastructure to enable and support student learning and district goals. Ensure that all adults are focused on achieving results for children (accountability). Five-Year Strategic Plan 2

3 Designed to achieve our vision: Excellence for All Children Goals, Objectives, Strategic Initiatives, Timelines & Metrics Developed over a period of six months Process included several opportunities for interested parties to provide input, including: Public Forums Community & PTA meetings with the Superintendent Principal and Central Office staff work sessions A Strategic Planning Advisory Group that included representatives from KCEA, PTA, school principals and the Knoxville Chamber Five-Year Strategic Plan 3

4 Speaks to universally high expectations, outstanding classroom instruction and beginning the education experience with a strong foundation Five objectives Objective 1: High Expectations And Academic Rigor Objective 2: Individual Student Learning Objective 3: Aligning Support In High Needs Schools Objective 4: Strong Student Supports And Services Objective 5: Strong Foundations Goal 1 - Focus on the Student 4

5 Highlights: Institutionalize high standards and expectations Expand inclusion for students with disabilities Explore promotion standards at transition grades Develop a system of Formative Assessments Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and “success cards” for HS students Early Warning System for students at risk of dropping out Align efforts and focus supports in high needs schools Organize and align student support services more effectively Embrace Early Education to provide strong foundation Goal 1 - Focus on the Student 5

6 Goal 2 - Effective Educators Focused on having outstanding teachers in every classroom and a highly effective leader at the helm of every school Keys are recruiting, selection, induction, development, support, promotion, compensation, retention Three Objectives: Objective I: Strong leadership at Each School Objective 2: High Quality Instruction Objective 3: Providing Support for Teachers 6

7 Highlights: Create a highly selective “Leadership Academy” for aspiring principals Refine the principal evaluation tool and performance contract, consistent with research regarding effective school leadership Build a stronger teacher “pipeline” through a variety of activities Refine the teacher evaluation tool and process based on research regarding effective teaching, and promising practices such as TAP Over time, increase teacher compensation tied to incentives and performance Focus on teacher collaboration (PLCs) and teacher leadership Goal 2 - Effective Educators 7

8 Goal 3 – Engaged Parents and Community The KCS understands our stakeholders are import players in the education of all students The KCS must build family educational efficacy and focused partnerships Two objectives: Objective I: Engage Parents and our Community in Education Objective II: Create and Embrace meaningful partnerships 8

9 Highlights: Create a Family & Community Engagement function within the KCS Develop family educational efficacy through a variety of activities Fully implement the Family Friendly Schools model district-wide Identify ways to communicate more effectively with parents Create capacity to efficiently coordinate volunteer activities Transition the Great Schools Partnership to a Local Education Fund (LEF) organization Goal 3 – Engaged Parents and Community 9

10 Goal 4 – Infrastructure: Enabling Student Learning Those functions and activities necessary to support and enable student academic development Includes effective management of financial resources The KCS must leverage all assets and resources to operate efficiently and effectively Three objectives: Objective I: Focus On Operational Efficiency And Professionalism Objective Ii: Provide An Instructional Setting Where All Students Objective III: Transform Data into Actionable Knowledge 10

11 Highlights: Organizational structure to support vision & strategic plan Re-tool Human Resources efforts to ensure focus on Human Capital Central Office as a customer service provider Create a 21 st century learning environment: o Enhance technology plan o Explore hardware replacement schedule Use data to inform instruction, decision-making and accountability Develop program evaluation and project management capacity Goal 4 – Infrastructure: Enabling Student Learning 11

12 Performance Targets 12

13 Performance Targets 13

14 Performance Targets 14

15 Timeline Five year plan – balance: urgency for kids, but accomplishing all goals will take focus and concerted effort over time Prioritized to address the most pressing issues first Supporting tactical plans must be developed: o School Level School improvement plan Family engagement plan o Departmental support plans 15

16 Metrics Performance Targets will be primary means of measuring success In addition to performance targets, programs, initiatives and activities will be measured and assessed using a variety of indicators Much more work to do: define appropriate indicators & benchmarks Common Performance Indicators include: o Student performance data – TCAP, ACT and EOC exams o Student attendance and discipline rates o Post-secondary enrollment and remediation o Results from various surveys o Teacher retention 16

17 Resources The KCS operates in a resource constrained environment, but annually has the opportunity to organize its available funding. Existing and available resources will be prioritized and leveraged to address the strategic plan goals. Models will continue to be developed and refined that will make the process of allocating resources more transparent and equitable. Cost analysis for this strategic plan will be on-going at both the micro and macro levels. Substantial investment needed to fully achieve our vision, ideally $13-15 million budget increase per year for several years. (3.5 to 4%) 17

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