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Info Days We start this kick of meeting by

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1 Email:
Info Days We start this kick of meeting by My Name is Ana Fernández Vilas, professor at the department of telematics engineering of the University of Vigo and researcher at the Information & Communication Technology AtlantTIC. I’ts for me a great pleasure to be the general coordinator of this challenging project and I count with all of to reach a big success. Also, I take this opportunity to thank EU for its active support to this cooperation project. Thank you the Univeristy of Zenice and all their staff for organisisng this infodays. It’s reall importsnt for the project. Also, I would like to welcome all of you for being interestes in our project and encourage you to applying and being an Erasmus Mundus grantholder

2 Agenda Erasmus Mundus Green-Tech-WB Project Academic & mobility offer
Fields of study, number of mobilities, target groups; Grant conditions flight tickets, health insurance, monthly allowance, etc. The application process Social network, application forms, etc. The University of Vigo International Summary. Questions & Answers First, we look through the agenda of the day. In this introduction, I start for describing the UVIGO team in the project and also our University. After that, I move on into the main aspects of the University of Vigo, coordinating institution of this project. Project: objectives & parners. Central issue:

3 Green-Tech-WB The Project
Smart and Green technologies for innovative and sustainable societies in Western Balkans

4 Erasmus Mundus Green-Tech-WB is an Erasmus Mundus Project
The Erasmus Mundus Programme is a cooperation and mobility programme in the area of Higher Education, implemented by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission

5 Motivation & flash information
Smart and Green Technologies for Innovative and Sustainable Societies in Western Balkans. The action shall run for months as of 15/07/2014 (“the starting date of action”) and shall end on 14/07/2018. 20 full partners and 27 associated members. 10 different EU countries, 9 at their first participation. Opportunity to work in a wider European framework, and in a broader international context (Spain, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, France and Italy). 22 WB HEIs (12 as full partners). 10 non-HEIs associate partners. 153 Mobilities in 3 cohorts. This action takes its motivation in sustainability as a EU priority. Europe 2020 stresses the need of achieving a smart and inclusive economy in the continent. Taking this in mind, our action is designed around the triangle: cooperation in higher education, research and innovation under the umbrella of smart and green technologies to fosters .. . This proposal promotes European HEIs as centres of excellence in education and research around GREEN TECH and drives this excellence to multi-ethnic Western Balkan countries to contribute to their better governance and social cohesion, and further connect the region to the global economy. For this, we count on an ample consortium. 20 full partners and 27 associated members from 10 different EU countries (Spain, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, France and Italy) (including 9 HEIs who never participated in the Erasmus Mundus action) the opportunity to work in a wider European framework, and in a broader international context. Our mobility plan that includes 153 undergraduate, master, PhD, post-doctorate and staff grants (28 for Europeans and 125 for WB) under target group 1, 2 & 3 is

6 University Fan S Noli i Korçë
Coordinator: Universidade de Vigo Spain Co-coordinator: University Fan S Noli i Korçë Albania Agricultural University of Tirana/ Albania University ''Ismail Qemali'' of Vlorë / Albania University of Sarajevo/B&H University "Džemal Bijedić" of Mostar/B&H University of Zenica/ B&H University of Donja Gorica/Montenegro University of Montenegro/Montenegro University "Kadri Zeka" of Gjilan/Rep. Kosovo University ''Isa Boletini'' of Mitrovica/Rep. Kosovo University of Niš/Serbia University of Kragujevac/Serbia WB (12) Universidade do Porto/Portugal Universität Paderborn/Germany University of Ljubljana/Slovenia University of Economics In Katowice/Poland University of Split/Croatia University of Chemical Tech. & Metallurgy/Bulgary Universidad de León/Spain This is the stucture of our partership Fan Noli at Korche Liubkiana Katoviche Vlora Donya Goreeza Mitrovicha  [nîːʃ] (kra-'goo-ye-vats) EU (8)

7 Academic & Mobility Offer

8 Academic & Mobility offer
Agriculture Sciences 01,1 Agriculture 01,2 Agricultural Economics 01,3 Food Science and Technology 01,4 Horticulture 01,5 Fisheries 01,6 Forestry 01,7 Animal Husbandry 01,8 Tropical/Subtropical Agriculture Law 01,9 Others-Agricultural Sciences Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning 02,6 Transport and Traffic Studies Business Studies, Management Science 04,1 Business studies with languages 04,2 Business studies with technology 04,3 Accountancy, financial management 04,4 Tourism, catering and hotel manag. 04,5 Industrial relations & personnel manag. 04,6 Secretarial Studies 04,7 Marketing and Sales Management 04,9 Others Engineering, Technology 06,1 Mechanical Engineering 06,2 Electrical Engineering 06,3 Chemical Engineering 06,4 Civil Engineering 06,5 Electronic Engineering, Telecom. 06,6 Manufacturing Sciences 06,7 Materials Science 06,8 Aeronautical Engineering 06,9 Others-Engineering Technology Geography, Geology 07,1 Geography 07,2 Environmental Sciences, Ecology 07,3 Geology 07,4 Soil and Water Sciences 07,6 Geodesy, Cartography, R. S. 07,7 Meteorology 07,9 Others Humanities 08,3 History Languages and Philological Sci. 09,1 Modern EC Languages 09,2 General & comparative lit. 09,3 Linguistics 09,4 Translation, Interpretation 09,6 Non-EC Languages 09,8 Less Widely Taught Languages Law 10,1 Comparative Law, Law with Lang. 10,2 International Law 10,3 Civil Law 10,4 Criminal Law, Criminology 10,5 Constitutional/Public Law 10,6 Public Administration 10,7 European Community/EU Law 10,9 Others-Law Mathematics, Informatics 11,1 Mathematics 11,2 Statistics 11,3 Informatics, Computer Science 11,5 Actuarial Science 11,4 Artificial Intelligence 11,9 Others-Mathematics, Informatics Natural Sciences 13,1 Biology 13,2 Physics 13,3 Chemistry 13,4 Microbiology, Biotechnology 13,5 Nuclear and High Energy Physics 13,6 Biochemistry 13,7 Astronomy, Astrophysics 13,8 Oceanography 13,9 Others- Natural Sciences Social Sciences 14,1 Political Science 14,3 Economics 14,6 Intl. Relations, European Stud Communication and Information Sc. 15,9 Others-Communication and Inf. Sc.

9 Academic & Mobility offer
1st Cohort: latest date for starting mobility  31st Dec 2nd Cohort: latest date for starting mobility 31st Dec 3rd Cohort: latest date for starting mobility 31st Dec Type of Mobility Cohort 1 Cohort 2 Cohort 3 Total Undergraduates 21 15 57 Masters 17 32 Doctorates 4 Post-doctorates 6 2 14 Staff 11 10 8 29 70 58 25 153 Some flash information about the project you should know is the duration of the project and the deadlines for the three cohorts of beneficiaries. The action will run

10 Mobility Offer (Undergraduate)
6 months 10 months TG 1 8 (EU -> WB) 47 (WB -> EU) 13 (Albania) 12 (B&H) 6 (R. Kosovo) 8 (Montenegro) 8 (Serbia) TG 2 TG 3 1 (R. Kosovo -> EU) 1 (B&H -> EU)

11 Mobility Offer (Master)
10 months 12 months 18 months TG 1 4 (EU -> WB) 12 (WB -> EU) 5 (WB -> EU) 3 (Albania) 1 (Albania) 3 (B&H) 1 (B&H) 2 (R. Kosovo) 1 (R. Kosovo) 2 (Montenegro) 1 (Montenegro) 2 (Serbia) 1 (Serbia) TG 2 7 (WB -> EU) 2 (Albania)  0 2 (B&H) TG 3

12 Mobility Offer (Doctorate)
12 months 34 months 36 months TG 1 4 (WB -> EU) 6 (WB -> EU) 2 (Albania) 3 (Albania) 0 (Albania) 2 (B&H) 3 (B&H) 0 (B&H) 2 (R. Kosovo) 2 (Montenegro) 2 (Serbia) TG 2 5 (WB -> EU) 1 (Albania) 1 (B&H) 1 (R. Kosovo) 1 (Montenegro) 1 (Serbia)

13 Mobility Offer (Post-Doctorate)
6 months TG 1 12 (WB -> EU) 3 (Albania) 3 (B&H) 2 (R. Kosovo) 2 (Montenegro) 2 (Serbia) TG 2 2 (WB -> EU) 1 (Albania) 1 (B&H) 0 (R. Kosovo) 0 (Montenegro) 0 (Serbia)

14 Mobility Offer (Staff)
1 month TG 1 10 (EU -> WB) 13 (WB -> EU) 3 (Albania) 3 (B&H) 2 (R. Kosovo) 3 (Montenegro) 2 (Serbia) TG 2 2 (EU -> WB) 4 (WB -> EU) 1 (Albania) 1 (B&H) 1 (R. Kosovo) 0 (Montenegro) 1 (Serbia)

15 Target Groups & Eligibility
You can apply if you are TG1, TG2, TG3 You have to meet eligibility criteria

16 Target Group 1 Undergraduate, master, doctorate, post-doctorate, staff
Nationals of the third-countries concerned by the geographical lot who are registered in one of the third- country HEIs that is a member of the partnership. Nationals of European countries who are registered in one of the European HEIs that is member of the partnership.

17 Target Group 2 Master, doctorate, post-doctorate, staff
Nationals of the third-countries concerned by the geographical lot, who: are registered/work in a HEI of these countries that is not included in the partnership (students and staff); have obtained a university degree or equivalent by an institution of these countries (students only). This includes the possibility of providing mobility opportunities to third- country nationals working in public administration, public and private enterprises and non-profit organisations. Nationals of EU countries who: are either registered/work in a HEI (not included in the partnership) of any EU country (students and staff); have obtained a university degree or equivalent by a HEI of any EU country (students only).

18 Target Group 3 Undergraduate, master, doctorate, post-doctorate
Nationals of the third-countries concerned by the geographical lot who are in particularly vulnerable situations, for social and political reasons: 1) having a refugee status or asylum beneficiaries (international or according to the national legislation of one of the European recipient countries) or 2) it can be proved that they have been the object of unjustified expulsion from university on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination or 3) they belong to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)

19 Eligibility criteria Applicants must have not lived, nor developed their main activity (study, work, etc.) over more than 12 months in the last 5 years, in one of the EU member states. Applicants must have not benefited in the past from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the same type of mobility.

20 Eligibility criteria Must respect the specific and additional criteria applicable to each type of mobility Must respect the additional requirements for each academic offer (have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses, required diploma, etc.) It is strongly recommended that the applicants prepare their application in close contact with the contact person of their institution, so as to obtain clear information about the specific eligibility criteria established either in their Home institution or in the Host Institution which they intend to apply to

21 Scholarship conditions

22 Amount of monthly allowance
Scholarship Conditions Type of Mobility Amount of monthly allowance Undergraduate 1,000 € Master Doctorate 1,500 € Post-doctorate 1,800 € Staff 2,500 €

23 Scholarship conditions
The GreenTech WB Coordinator (University of Vigo) will be responsible for: Booking and paying the grantees’ two way travel ticket Contracting and paying the health, travel and personal accidents insurance valid in the host country Paying the monthly scholarship to the grantee personal bank account. Paying the visa costs

24 Recognition In cases of successful full training doctorate mobility (36 months) or successful full training master mobility (12-18 months), the host institutions will provide the grantee with a Diploma, if the Erasmus Mundus period is completed successfully. For any other kind of mobility (exchange students, for instance) the partner institutions will guarantee the academic recognition of the study/research period through the signature of the Learning Agreement.

25 Required Documents & application

26 Required documents Bachelor Master Doctorate Post-doctorate Staff
Bachelor Master Doctorate Post-doctorate Staff Copy of the passport X Detailed CV (in English) – Europass Template to be used Letter of motivation (in English), max 1 page Certified Copy of the lasts transcripts of records + Certified translation in English (optional al application time) x Certified Copy of the Bachelor Diploma and Bachelor transcript of records + Certified translation in English (optional at application time) Certified Copy of the Master Diploma and Master Transcript of records + Certified translation in English (optional at application time) Doctorate thesis subject and abstract in English Certified Copy of the Doctorate diploma + Certified translation in English* (optional at application time) Certificate of language (language of instruction of the hosting programme), in case the applicant cannot provide an official test, a certificate from the language department of his/her home university is accepted. According to the academic offer, similar languages will be accepted. According to the academic offer, similar languages will be accepted. Also, linguistic requirements from host embassies or host HEIs can be established. optional 2 Recommendation Letters (in English), duly signed PhD Research proposal (max. 1 page) Post-doctorate Research proposal (max 1 page) Staff Mobility programme proposal (max 1 page) Proof of registration (student certificate, card…) for TG1 Proof of employment, duly signed by the employer Letter of the pre-acceptance of research or training proposal by the Host Institution Declaration on honor X (WB ) X (WB) Official certificate justifying the vulnerable situation (disability, economic situation…) Required documents

27 Application Register in our social network
Login to our social network  Community group Join the Applicants group You need to upload a photo Read the academic offer and decide Upload the required documentation At most three mobility options. You have time, the process is easy. 15th, December (2014) – 20th, February (2015) (extended to 6th of March)

28 The University of Vigo International

29 To conclude

30 More info… Website:
Social Network: Join our social network to apply!!!

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