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National System of Tourism Statistics Presented and prepared by: Zhuljeta Lubonja.

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1 National System of Tourism Statistics Presented and prepared by: Zhuljeta Lubonja

2  Administrative data  Quarterly survey  Annual survey  Travel statistics  Publications

3  Data source  Ministry of Interior Affairs (General Directory of Police) Data from MoI: - Arrivals and departures of Albania and foreign citizens border national (by air, sea, and by land) - Arrivals of foreign citizens the purpose of travel - Arrivals of foreign citizens world country.

4  INSTAT prepares data for inbound tourism, based on administrative data  Arrivals classification: - Arrivals of foreign citizens by main purpose ( Personal and Business) - Arrivals of foreign citinez by model of travel (air, sea and land)

5  Arrivals of foreign citizens by world regions  - Arrivals of foreign visitors according to the purpose travel ( holiday,visit to frends, business etj,  - Arrivals of foreign citizens ( visitors and same- day visitors excursionists).

6 The aim of this survey is to show the trends of economic development of a country in quarterly periods. The survey is based on Eurostat Regulation No.1165/98 Classification of economic activity is based on NACE Rev 2

7 The sample is designed based on Statistical Business Register Data are published 90 days after the reference quarter Survey are carried out through interviewers with face to face interview 180 interviews are trained evey year

8 The survey covers: Industry Construction Retail and wholesale trade Transport and Telecommunication Hotels Architectural services Informatics services

9 Economic indicators presented as indices:  Turnover  Employed  Employees  Wages

10 Specific indicators:  Number of rooms  Number of beds  Total clients  Residents

11  Non-residents  Total overnights  Residents  Non-residents

12  Structural business statistics describe the economy through the observation of the activities of units engaged in an economic activity.  Council Regulation N° 295/2008 concerning SBS  Classification of economic activity is based on NACE Rev 1.1  The sample is designed based on Statistical Business Register for the enterprises that were active in December of the reference year

13  This survey includes all the economic enterprises classified by NACE rev 1.1, as Industry, Construction, Trade, Hotels and restaurants, Transport and Communication, Real estate, informatics and some professional services.  The unit of observation is the enterprise  Enterprises with 1-9 employees are selected by sample and 10+ are totally surveyed  The data are published 14 months late

14 Indicators published:  Enterprise  Number of employed  Ownership  Capitalized production  Investments

15 Indicators published:  Turnover  Production  Trade margin  Value added  Wages and salaries per employees  Median and quartiles

16 Specific indicators:  Number of stars  Number of rooms  Number of beds  Number of seats in hotels, bar cafés and restaurants

17 Treatment of travel Compilation methodology

18 Travel covers goods and services acquired from an economy by nonresidents during visits to that economy of less than one year in the economy Standard breakdown: o Travel business o Travel personal Students and medical patients expenditure are included in travel- one year rule not applicable

19 Exclusions: -goods for resale -personal purchases that excess customs threshold -diplomats, embassy and military unit personnel -international transport

20 Data sources -Ministry of Interior affairs (General Directory of Police) -Border sample survey

21 Data from MoI No. of travelersAlbanian citizensForeign citizens InflowOutflowInflowOutflow By air By sea By land

22 Survey on main borders: – Conducted by: Bank of Albania – Carried by: INSTAT Type of survey: face to face interviews Frequency: 4 times/year

23 Responsibility of BoA: – methodology – designing of the questionnaire – data entry, processing, sampling and grossing up Sample volume-1000 travelers per quarter Type of travelers: – Nonresident foreigners + Albanian non-residents (migrants) – Albanian residents + Foreign residents

24 Data processing Coefficients on: – Average duration of stay/ by purpose/ by residency – Average daily expenditures/ by purpose/by residency Import (travel) = no. R * avg(days)*avg(exp/day)

25  Results on Structural Survey of Enterprise  Quarterly survey of enterprises  Statistical Bulletin  Statistical year book

26  Albania in Figures  Web page  Different questionnaires and user requests

27 Dissemination timeliness- 70 days after reference period (quarterly data) The release statistics calendar is available on the website of BoA in the link below: tikave_5243_1.php tikave_5243_1.php Travel data are published on the website of BoA, as a separate item in the Current account.

28 Bop data are delivered on a regular basis to IMF, INSTAT and in the near future to Eurostat. Travel data are delivered upon their request to Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism

29 Thank You!

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