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Supported by:Organised by: Teachers’ Briefing 19 Jan 2011.

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1 Supported by:Organised by: Teachers’ Briefing 19 Jan 2011

2 What will be Covered?  Objectives of Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA)  Categories of the Competition  Common Toys Received  Examples of Toys “Light, Sound, Action”  Judging Criteria  SCSA (Schools) Competition, Blue Ribbon and Diamond Award  SCSA Calendar  Important Notes  Sharing by 2010 Diamond Award winner

3 Objectives of SCSA Top 3 prizes winners of ScizKid & WhizKid Award in SCSA 2010  Promote creativity and innovation amongst primary level students  Promote interesting ways of learning science  Toys are selected based on:  Originality  Creativity  Design  Sturdiness

4 Categories of Competition SCSA 2011 ScizKid Award WhizKid Award Pri 1-2Pri 3-6 Pri 1-6 Toys must demonstrate at least one scientific principle This year’s theme : “Light, Sound, Action”. Toys must incorporate at least 2 of the 3 listed features, and include at least one kitchen utensil to produce the desired theme

5 Examples of Kitchen Utensils

6 Some Toys Received  Some toys that we see yearly  Cars, Boats and Aeroplanes  Board games  Rolling can toys  Quiz toys  Workshop toys  Commercial toys  Jack-in-the-box  Encourage students to think out of the box!

7 Examples of Toys “Light, Sound, Action” The above are just some of the many examples of toys that fits the theme “Light, Sound, Action ”.

8 Judging Criteria Scientific Content (Scizkid) Scientific Content & Relevance to the Theme (Whizkid) 1. There are scientific concepts presented in the toy. 2. The scientific concepts are accurate. 2. The toy “Light, Sound, Action” with at least one kitchen utensil and is fun to play with. 3. Scientific concepts have been presented in feasible representations. Creativity & Originality (Scizkid & Whizkid) 1. The toy is original and unique. 2. The toy communicates scientific concepts creatively. 3. The toy demonstrates use of unique design ideas. Sturdiness (Scizkid & Whizkid) 1. The toy is sturdy and is safe to play with. 2. The toy does not fall apart easily during operation. 3. The toy made use of interesting, safe and easily available materials. Design (Scizkid & Whizkid) 1. The toy possesses strong aesthetic appeal. 2. The toy is easy to operate. 3. The toy demonstrates good design principles.

9 Generally, judges look for The scientific principle behind the toy The toy making process Safety features Design and conceptualisation Construction and testing Experience gained from the process No external trainers or training courses have been endorsed by the organisers.

10 Prizes for SCSA 2011  Over S$30,000 worth of prizes  Schools producing the top 3 prize winners in the Scizkid (Pri 3-6 category) and Whizkid category will receive cash prizes of up to S$1,500 and certificates  Schools with most number of shortlisted toys in each category will receive cash prize of S$1,000

11  Schools are invited to organise their own Internal Competitions – SCSA (Schools) Competition  A minimum of 30 toys from each school must be entered into the SCSA (Schools) Competition.  Shortlisted entries will be submitted into the main competition – SCSA Competition  SCSA organisers will support your school by providing up to 40 attractive prizes and certificates of participation for your internal competition SCSA (Schools) Competition

12 SCSA Promotes Science & Technology to Schools:  Fostering creativity in students  Fun platform for students to talk about science  Increase confidence of the students  Teachers can use simple toys to explain scientific concepts SCSA (Schools) Competition Objectives

13 Benefits for Schools  Exclusive SCSA tokens/prizes (up to 40) for each participating school  Publicity materials (posters and leaflets) for SCSA 2011  SCSA Certificate of participation for all participants  One display panel at Exhibition to showcase school competition  Video montage of SCSA (Schools) Competition in Exhibition*  Blue ribbon awards for outstanding teachers  Diamond awards for even more outstanding teachers SCSA (Schools) Competition

14 The SCSA Blue Ribbon Award seeks to recognise: the influence teachers have on their students in the SCSA (Schools) Competition; the role that teachers have in motivating their students to achieve; the role teachers play in guiding, mentoring, and advising students; and teachers that achieve results outside the classroom. The winning teachers receive a certificate, an Award and congratulatory letter from the SCSA Organising Committee SCSA (Schools) Competition – Benefits for Schools

15 Diamond Award seeks to recognise the following in addition to the Blue Ribbon Award: Must have won at least two SCSA Blue Ribbon Awards prior. Emphasises the participation and success of the nominated teacher's students in the SCSA competition. Recognises and honours teachers with a track record of improving students’ achievements, using innovative out-of-classroom programme and activities, and making a difference in the students. Recognises teacher who overcomes challenges in order to positively impact students in the competition. SCSA (Schools) Competition – Benefits for Schools

16 SCSA Calendar: Important Dates DateDescription From 24 Jan – 8 Mar (See next slide for details) Two types of workshops will be offered: 1)Creativity workshop 2)Technical workshop Please fax Form W1 and Form W2 to us 31 MarSubmission of Registration for SCSA & SCSA (Schools) Competition- Form A 4 MayReport of Entries Submitted for SCSA & SCSA (Schools) Competition - Form B 24-25 MayToy Submissions to Science Centre 19 Jul Tentative SCSA Award Ceremony

17 SCSA Workshops Creativity Workshops (12 afternoon sessions: 2 to 5pm) Technical Workshops (12 afternoon sessions: 2 to 5pm) 7 Feb – 11 Feb (Mon to Fri)24 Jan – 28 Jan (Mon to Fri) 21 Feb – 25 Feb (Mon to Fri)14 Feb – 18 Feb (Mon to Fri) 7 Mar - 8 Mar (Mon to Tue)28 Feb – 1 Mar (Mon to Tue) Each school may select 1 session per workshop, and bring up to 2 groups of students (4 students per group)

18 FORM A It is a registration form to SCSA and it indicates whether you are taking part in SCSA (schools) competition or only the SCSA. Tick here if you are organising internal competition Tick here if you are NOT organising internal competition but taking part in SCSA (national)

19 FORM B – to report the no. of entries Please give breakdown of numbers on 3 diff categories. Do give an accurate figure. No minimum entries required. These numbers will determine the number of certificates given, hence impt to give accurate number so that all participants would receive a certificate. 30 minimum entries required to qualify as internal competition. The names of winners in the internal competition. If you have more than 20 winners, attach additional sheet to this form.

20 Awards Ceremony & Exhibition 2011  Held on 19 July 2011 tentatively at Science Centre  Exhibition of winning entries  SCSA Science Shows [19 and 20 July]

21 Statistics from 2010  More than 110 primary schools took part in SCSA 2010  44 schools organised the SCSA (Schools) Competition  34 teachers received the Blue Ribbon Award  4 teachers received the Diamond Award 1.Mr Norizam Bin Samsudin – Mayflower Primary 2.Mrs Sindy Koh – Yishun Primary 3.Ms Siti Mashitah Bte Yusoff – East Spring Primary 4.Mr Zulkarnain Bin Daud – Boon Lay Garden Primary  Over 4000 toys received for the competition!

22 Important Points to Note Label all toys with provided sticker listing particulars of entries and students (*photocopied copy of sticker allowed) Attach entry form (found in the leaflet) for each toy (*photocopied sticker allowed) Test toys repeatedly before submission All parts of the toy to be secured Send us your photos/videos of your School Competition! Secure packaging of toys Examples of good packaging

23 More information and all necessary forms can be found at Or email Charlene Yeo at Tel: 6425 2592

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