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Tayler Valladares PORTFOLIO OF A LIFETIME or just seventeen years of it.

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1 Tayler Valladares PORTFOLIO OF A LIFETIME or just seventeen years of it

2 Table of Contents A list of the bucket assortment (bucket list) My life time in a short phrase (six word memoir) Senior year tasks (two writing samples) An additional task (sample from theatre class) A picture of the intangible (soul picture) Ancient works (three past writings)

3 My Bucket List Be in 2 states at once Meet Jason Mraz Get a tattoo from LA Ink Go to an actual yoga studio By a brand name anything Serenade a boy (for real) Play paintball Go to Coyote Ugly and hang a bra on the bar Go out of state to see a band TP a house Win something from a claw machine Egg something See Cirque de sole

4 The Buckets Continue Go out of the country Speed date See aurora borealis Go to Coachella Attend a strike/mob/activist movement Learn Archery Go to a karaoke bar Make a huge canvas painting with paint balloons Go to the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit Learn Latin/ be fluent in a language Climb a volcano or rock climb in general Go to the Rally of Sanity

5 A LIFE IN SIX WORDS Me Lorax! Leader of the trees!

6 Tayler ValladaresValladares 1 Mcgee AP English 12 – 2A 1 November 2010 Barbie Doll Perfection is nothing. It’s a non-existent theory that society tries to instill into its youth. The teenage generation is exposed to such perfection theories in things such as television, magazines, at school; it’s all around them. In Marge Piercy’s story “Barbie Doll” she creates the atmosphere of the harsh pressures of teens by painting pictures with her imagery, using piercing diction, and a casual yet effective tone. The story’s overall message and theme is that the pressure of today’s society can alter some people’s perception of how they see themselves and others. This theme is enhanced by Piercy’s tone as well. She uses almost a casual and emotionless tone when stating how the unnamed classmate said a rude and hurtful statement to the also unnamed protagonist. Also she uses this tone throughout the story and when she’s describing the actions that occurred due to the bullying of her peers. By keeping the characters nameless it makes them seem as though they aren’t important in the world, like they are just another person living on, blending in with the world around them. All these elements help create Piercy’s theme to this story. They all lead to the overall message of peer pressure and most people feeling like everybody else just conforming because that’s what they have been taught to do by the media and the society. It’s conveying how people just try to be like everything around them, just becoming another speck on the earth. Senior Writing

7 Senior Writing (take two) Tayler ValladaresValladares 1 Mcgee AP English 12- 2A November 5, 2010 Critical Analysis of “Feminist or Naturalist?” Most people would say that The Awakening is Kate Chopin writing another story with an under lying feministic message and tone. However, for Walker she felt differently and expressed how she saw the novel as a whole. She stated that it wasn’t from a feministic point of view but from a naturalist point of view. Walker felt as though Chopin “gave Edna little control over her own destiny”. She stated very boldly that there was “no stance about women’s liberation or equality”. Most people would disagree with this review because there is clear evidence, figuratively and literally. Chopin also has other work based from a feministic view point, so it really wouldn’t be uncommon is one of her novels she wrote was being narrated by a feminist. Walker did though have a very valid point with which she backed up with information from other authors and also from the novel. The setting was in a Creole area in Louisiana and Walker wrote that the cultures around that area and during that time period are some aspects that could have influenced Chopin to write this novel the way she did. Some say that Chopin empowers women in this novel and others, such as Walker, say “Perhaps those who read the novel as a feminist document are also affected by a clash of cultures: their own and that which the novelist inhabited”. So was this a feministic or a naturalist novel? It would really be up to the reader who was interpreting the book to see where they stand

8 n dditional ssignment (yay for alliterations) A THEATRE RESUME

9 My Sole

10 Soul Picture

11 Ancient Ruins

12 Thank you for watching people

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