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Pesticide Out Of Control Bio Sci Spring 2006 By: Vivian Metry.

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1 Pesticide Out Of Control Bio Sci Spring 2006 By: Vivian Metry

2 Problem Extensive use of certain types of pesticides results in both human health risks and environmental hazards.

3 This problem occurs under: poor safety levels in plants Lack of worker’s knowledge in safe handling and disposal of pesticides Insufficient attention to protective clothing, and showering.

4 Organophosphates (Ops) Organophosphates are used as insecticide along with other forms such as: Carbamates Organochlorinesand Pyrethroids

5 Pesticide Hazards Egyptian farmers use massive amounts of OPs every year as a form of pesticide Through extended research and studies researchers concluded that these forms of insecticide are extremely dangerous to human health as well as environmental well being.

6 Exposure Grave health problems were reflected among farmers who were exposed to OPs and other forms of insecticide. These problems include

7 61% showed symptoms of chronic pesticide poisoning ( blurred vision ) 16.6 % headache/asthenia (weakness)/low back pain 14% dizziness/ parasthesia 12% numbnessand 9.5% arthralgia (joint pain)

8 Impacts On Human Health 50% of workers reflected indications of neurological effects such as sensory loss and reduced or lost reflexes in their ankle or knee. Those who were exposed also showed incidence of psychiatric disorders(55%).

9 Who Is Effected More? Experienced Farmers: These farmers had extensive exposure to pesticides and thus have high chance of disease symptoms. Ex. 36% experienced superficial sensory loss. Part Time Farmers: These workers are lightly exposed to pesticides and thus have lower chance of attaining disorders. Ex. Only 7% experienced superficial sensory loss.

10 Conclusion The longer a farmer is exposed to pesticides the higher his/ her chance of attaining a disorder Long term exposure = more severe symptoms

11 Human Poisoning And Health Risks

12 Indication Of Exposure Cholinesterase is an enzyme that indicates OP exposure. Low Cholinesterase activity indicates exposure of an individual to Ops. This may results in clinical illness

13 Environmental Risks Loss of biodiversity Wildlife deaths Animal and livestock deaths Interference with natural pest control Resistance among pests Residues in food Water pollution

14 Loss of Biodiversity Habitat destruction Disrupting food web Economic loss

15 Potential Solutions Reduce the need/ dependence on pesticides and inhibit unnecessary heavy use. Increase the use of sustainable and ecological alternatives to chemical pest control

16 Additional Reading http//

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