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Software Engineering Lab Session Session 4 – Feedback on Assignment 1 © Jorge Aranda, 2005.

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1 Software Engineering Lab Session Session 4 – Feedback on Assignment 1 © Jorge Aranda, 2005

2 Overview  (Shorter) round of feedback on Assignment 3  Assignment 4  PSP1  Results from Assignment 1  Note on tutorial next week

3 New insights/opinions to report?  Feedback on each aspect of the assignment: The actual programming task (no PSP) The Project Plan Summary Time and Defect Logs – any changes? Other documents for the assignment Impressions on the PSP in general

4 Assignment 4  Calculate the linear regression size-estimating parameters for a set of n programs. What???  If you don’t understand these requirements, you probably haven’t read the required chapters! You should have gone all the way to Chapter 6 already. Go back and read them. Section A7 will help as well.  Basic idea: To use the PROBE estimation method (more on this later), you’ll need two parameters that you enter into a formula. Calculating them by hand is a pain  So we’re building a tool that will do that for us

5 Assignment 4  Assignment 4 uses PSP1  Very similar to PSP0.1, except because now we’re attempting to have more solid estimates  You should have nailed down time and defect tracking by now, so focus on getting the estimation method right!

6 PSP1  Only big difference: Size Estimating Template and the PROBE method We won’t go over it all in this tutorial Basic idea: if your estimates and your actual performance are correlated, then finding the linear regression factors between both data sets, and using them for your new estimate, will produce more accurate results Until now, the only estimates we have produced are LOC numbers and Estimated Time numbers.  We’ll start estimating the number of functions that our program needs to work, but the advantages of these estimates will only show up later in the process Highly recommended that you follow tables C35 and C36 from the Humphrey book

7 Results from Assignment 1  In general, high marks: Average 83.9  Some of you have special marking notes (R1, T2, etc.) Check Paul’s list of notes at  What to do if you’re unhappy? First, cool down and check whether you’re sure we made a mistake If you think your grade is incorrect, write a remarking request stating:  Your name and student number  Your case (why do you think your mark is incorrect?) Give me your remarking request, along with your assignment, at the start of our next tutorial session Note that if you do this, the marking TA will remark your full assignment.

8 Results from Assignment 1  Average estimate: 186 minutes Perhaps because you were told one of these assignments usually takes 2-4 hours?  Average real total time: 271 minutes About 1.5 hours more than the average estimate  Average overrun: 58%  Average number of defects found: 9

9 Results from Assignment 1  Before you see the following charts, REMEMBER: You are not being marked for accuracy of estimates You are not being marked for actual time spent You are not being marked for number of defects found This is not a programming competition

10 Results from Assignment 1







17 Note on tutorial next week  Next week is the midterm, and during the tutorial session there will not be new content  However, if you… have read up to Chapter 6 of the book, have tried to do the PSP1 estimation process on your own,  … and still can’t work it out, I’ll be here 6-7pm to help you find out if you’re doing something wrong.  But no answers if you haven’t done your job!

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