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The Rights-Respecting School Award

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1 The Rights-Respecting School Award

2 2 What are staff/pupils’ rights? What are staff/pupils’ responsibilities? Are they the same? Are there any that are different?

3 3 Why UNICEF? UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation focusing on children and children’s rights with a presence in 193 countries and territories and operational programmes in more than 150 –Child Friendly Cities internationally –Baby Friendly Initiative globally –Rights Respecting Schools Award – UK

4 Guess which two countries haven’t ratified the UNCRC.

5 5 USA and Somalia

6 6 What is a Rights Respecting School? A rights respecting school puts the UNCRC at the heart of a school’s culture and ethos to improve well-being and develop every child's talents and abilities to their fullest potential

7 7 Four Guiding Principles Non-discrimination Best interestsParticipation Survival & development

8 8 Article 1 - Everyone under the age of 18 has all the rights in the Convention. Article 2 - The Convention applies to every child whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, abilities, whatever they think or say, no matter what type of family they come from. The Convention has 54 articles in total. Articles 43-54 are about how adults and governments must work together to make sure all children get their rights. Health EducationParticipate Childhood Be treated fairly All children have the right to

9 9 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Choose the most interesting article to develop a human rights arts project within the curriculum that is age appropriate for your class. Article 12 (respect for the views of the child) Article 14 (freedom of thought, belief and religion) Article 17 (access to information from mass media) Article 22 (refugee children) Article 23 (children with disability) Article 24 (health and health services) Article 27 (adequate standard of living) Article 28 (right to education) Article 29 (goals of education) Article 30 (children of minorities) Article 31 (leisure, play and culture) Article 36 (exploitation)

10 10 Class Charters

11 Right to play Devise playground charter How? Discuss as class School council to take notes for class Meet with Mrs Galloway, Mr Rule and Mrs Fyfe to develop playground charter which will be shared with all children, staff and Lunchtime supervisors

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