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St. Mary’s – A Rights Respecting School

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1 St. Mary’s – A Rights Respecting School

2 Learning Intentions I am learning about: Our school motto
What is a Rights Respecting School The role of UNICEF The UNCRC The Rights Respecting School Award? Our school Charter

3 Our School Logo and Motto
What does our Motto mean? ‘Optimum Semper Facere’

4 Living up to the school Motto
In group think of 8 ways you can live up to the school motto Complete Task One in your workbook

5 Our Needs and Wants Group Activity Complete Task Two in you workbook

6 Needs and Wants Give examples of our needs Give examples of our wants
Whole class discussion – what are needs and wants? Give examples of our needs Complete Task Three in workbook Give examples of our wants

7 Whole class discussion
In each of the following stories, discuss what rights are being denied

8 Why rights are denied “Because my family lived so far from the
health centre when I was a young child, I was never vaccinated. Now I am 8 years old and I have polio”

9 Why rights are denied My brothers go to the local school, but I am
the only daughter. My family needs me to help out with work in our home, so I cannot go to school. I am 7 years old.

10 at the end of our street”
Why rights are denied “I am 9 years old and my family doesn’t have much money. We live in two small rooms; we have to carry our water from a well a kilometre away. The houses in our village don’t have indoor toilets, so we use a pit in the ground at the end of our street”

11 Why rights are denied “I am 13 years old and my country has been
fighting over a boundary with another country for three years. A captain from the army came to my home to tell me that because I am big and strong, I should join the army and fight for my country”

12 Why rights are denied “I started to work at a carpet factory for 12
hours a day when I was 9 years old. Now I am 12 years old and the factory wants me to work even more hours every day”

13 Guess the logos

14 What does the UN do? The United Nations is made up of 192 countries from around the world. It is often called the UN. It was set up in after the Second World War - as a way of bringing people together and to avoid war. The United Nations logo shows the world held in the 'olive branches of peace'. The UN works for world peace and development in many different ways. It organises peace-keeping forces in trouble spots around the world. It is also linked with organisations which help people around the world.

15 Peace keeping around the world

16 Promoting children’s rights
All children have the same rights

17 Protecting the environment

18 Helping the vulnerable

19 Helping the poor

20 What is UNICEF The UN created UNICEF in 1946.
It was established to promote the rights of children throughout the world. UNICEF stands for The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. The organisation work around the world helping children. It also works to promote the rights of children throughout the world.

21 What does UNICEF do? Help children in emergencies
Ensure children have a healthy start in life Ensure children have an education Ensure children are kept safe from violence, abuse and exploitation I work for UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund. UNICEF works world wide – in 155 developing countries to improve the lives of children . UNICEF’s aim being that children, no matter where they are born, will be able to grow up to lead happier, healthier and safer lives, to grow up to reach their full potential, to be protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation. Unicef works in emergencies and also long term development projects – education, water and sanitation, health and child protection. Today one of our priorities are Early Childhood development working to ensure that every child has access to nutrition, water and sanitation, education and protection. We are working to protect all children from preventable deaths and disabilities through immunisation and working to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and ensure that children and young people already affected by the disease are cared for. UNICEF bases its work on a document called the UNCRC – and part of UNICEFs work in the UK is to raise awareness of issues affecting children around the world and lobby government to support children's rights. What is the UNCRC? UNICEF - United Nations Children’s International Emergency Fund 21

22 The work which UNICEF does is guided by the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child
We are different from other international agencies or non governmental organisations working for children in two ways First We are the largest organisation focusing on children and children’s right – we are acknowledged experts and have a track record of achievement for children. 22

23 What is the UNCRC? Survival Protection Development Participation
The child’s right to life through the most basic needs, including food, shelter and access to health care Require that children be protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Development Participation The right to freedom of expression which allows children to take an active part in their communities and nations. Those things children need to reach their full potential from education and play to freedom of thought,conscience and religion. Survival – what children need to live – clean water, nutritious food, medical care, shelter Protection – protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation Development – to develop the child – education, play, freedom of thought, religion Participation – children have the right to express their opinion, and to be consulted when decision are being made about their lives. (UNICEF uses the guidance set out in the UNCRC to guide it’s work world-wide to improve the well being of children) 23

24 The Rights Respecting Schools Award
In St Mary’s a pupils: 1. Are involved in a wide range of groups: Rights Respecting Steering Group Eco-schools SnAG Learning Partners School Council – Junior and Senior 2. Have a say in the school, are listened to by staff and management 3. Learn about rights and responsibilities 4. Actively work to help other children have their rights through voluntary work, campaigning and fund raising 5. Learn in a school which supports them to reach full potential

25 Our Rights Respecting Code
Developed by the pupils Lists the main responsibilities of all people in St Mary’s – adults and pupils Displayed throughout the school When we follow this code we will; Do well at school Develop good relationships with our peers and teachers Enjoy school

26 Our School Charter

27 E-Safety – respecting self and others

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