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Extinct Australian Animals (I think)

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1 Extinct Australian Animals (I think)

2 contents Mt Glorious Torrent Frog Thylacine Aplonis fusca
Conilurus albipes lesser bilby Nail-tailed Kangaroo Mt Glorious Torrent Frog Philip Island Parrot

3 Thylacine it is thought to have become extinct in the 20th century. It was the last extant member of its family, Thylacinidae, It is commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger (because of its striped back) or the Tasmanian wolf. Contents page

4 Aplonis fusca (Aplonis fusca) was described in 1836 by John Gould as a species which occurred on both Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island. Contents page

5 Conilurus albipes (Conilurus albipes) is an extinct species of rodent, which was originally found in woodlands from Adelaide to Sydney. Contents page

6 lesser bilby The lesser bilby (Macrotis leucura), also known as the yallara, the lesser rabbit-eared bandicoot or the white-tailed rabbit-eared bandicoot, was a rabbit-like marsupial. The species was first described by Oldfield Thomas as "Peregale leucura" in                                                                                                              

7 Nail-tailed Kangaroo 'The Crescent Nailtail Wallaby was once quite common in a variety of habitats throughout much of central, southern and south-western Australia.

8 , Mt Glorious Torrent Frog
, Mt Glorious Torrent Frog, or Southern Day Frog (Taudactylus diurnus) was a species of frog in the Myobatrachidae family. It was endemic to Australia. Its natural habitats were subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, rivers, and intermittent rivers.

9 Philip Island Parrot In consequence of the settlement of Norfolk Island, the native haunts of this fine bird have been so intruded upon, and such a war.

10 The /)/)end (^^) Thankyou for watching

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