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What is a Marsupial?.

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1 What is a Marsupial?

2 A marsupial is a mammal that has a pouch to carry and raise its young.
A pouch is like a pocket in the female's body. Like other mammals, the marsupials are covered with hair. Possums, Wallabies, Bandicoots, Kangaroos, Koalas, Sugar Gliders, Wombats and Tasmanian Devils are all examples of marsupials.

3 Different types of Marsupials
Wombats Possums Wallabies Bandicoots Different types of Marsupials Kangaroos Koalas Sugar Gliders Tasmanian Devils

4 Marsupials live in forests, plains, and deserts.
There are about 260 different species of marsupials. All are native to Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea except for the Possums, and the Shrew Possums of South America.

5 Marsupial babies are born blind and helpless, with no hair and with small forearms that are barely developed.                                              

6 Baby kangaroo (Joey) in pouch
Baby Possum Baby Possum is born in pouch Baby Koala in pouch

7 Thylacinus, the marsupial wolf is now extinct
Thylacinus, the marsupial wolf is now extinct. The last individual was seen in Tasmania in the 1950s. Thylacinus, an extinct marsupial wolf

8 The biggest marsupial is the human-sized red kangaroo and the smallest marsupial is the Long-tailed Planigale, would fit in a person's hand. The Long-tailed Planigale, also known as Ingram's Planigale or the Northern Planigale, is the smallest of all marsupials, and one of the smallest of all mammals. The red kangaroo is the world's largest marsupial. Females have one baby at a time, which at birth is smaller than a cherry.

9 Long-tailed Planigale
Red Kangaroo A two week old Red Kangaroo

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