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©Loren Batchman ©Marriot Orchids 10 Reasons Why I Joined the American Orchid Society.

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1 ©Loren Batchman ©Marriot Orchids 10 Reasons Why I Joined the American Orchid Society

2 1. Orchids Magazine A glorious world of orchids and information that would take serious time, money and energy to assemble on my own—delivered right to my door, computer, e-reader, I-pad or smartphone. Odontoglossum Stroperry ‘Twilight Treat’ AM/AOS

3 2. AOS Website Members Area Accurate how-to resources and support, ramp up my orchid-growing skills. Aerangis biloba 'Missy's Angel’ CCE/AOS

4 3. Free AOS-Sponsored Webinars A great way to learn about all things orchids from expert growers—so you can avoid conflicting internet info. Aeridovanda Somsri Sunlight 'Merienda Lane’ AM/AOS

5 4. Access to Fellow Orchid Enthusiasts Watch and learn from those who share my excitement about orchids. Dendrobium lindleyi 'Michael Zeplin's Honey’ CCE/AOS

6 5. Improved Culture Orchid harmony—I bloom more (and kill fewer) of my orchids. Aspasium Lovely Morn AD/AOS

7 6. Increased Growing Skills and Confidence Participate in shows and orchid judging (I’ve won awards!) for greater orchid enjoyment. Angraecum Crestwood 'Tomorrow Star’ CCE/AOS

8 7. Garden Passes and Discounts Free or discounted admission to more than 200 botanical gardens, arboreta and conservatories Cattleya gaskelliana f. alba 'Janice’ FCC/AOS

9 8. AOS Saves Me Money Confidence in practices and purchases—no more randomly trying this or that or buying helter-skelter Bulbophyllum graveolens 'Paraiso Tropical’ AM/AOS

10 9. It’s a Bargain! Membership costs only $.17 a day—a fantastic value for my money Cymbidium Greek Goddess 'Aphrodite‘ AM/AOS

11 10. Greater Orchid Enjoyment Membership brings the joy of orchids into my daily life Dendrobium cyanocentrum 'Cosmo’ AM/AOS

12 Digital membership $40/year (which is less than $4 a month!) Miltoniopsis Arthur Cobbledick 'Camano Joy' FCC/AOS

13 Print Membership $65/year (which is only $5 an issue for our world renowned Orchids Magazine) Paph. Prince Edward of York 'Shih-Yueh' FCC/AOS

14 What are you waiting for? Join today at Masdevallia limax 'Rojohn' AM/AOS

15 American Orchid Society at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden 10901 Old Cutler Road Coral Gables, FL 33156 Phalaenopsis Jose Carreras 'Amber' HCC/AOS

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