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Australia’s Cultural Identity

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1 Australia’s Cultural Identity
Language and Lingo Language allows communication of values and beliefs of a particular culture and is a key marker of identity within a cultural group. While English is the dominant language in Australia, many people speak a language other than English within their families and communities. This diversity of language makes Australia more competitive in trade as well as fostering international ties and cultural exchange.

2 Language in Australia Australia’s official language _______________
The dominant (most spoken) language in Australia is _______________ followed by ____________ . About _____ % of Australians are ‘English-only’ speakers with about ____ % of the population speaking languages other than English.

3 Language in Australia . Collectively, Australians speak over ________ languages. Of these, about _____ are Australian Indigenous Languages. The Aboriginal language of the Coffs Harbour area is the _______________ language.

4 Distinguishing Features of Australian Slang / Lingo
What do we do to language to make it sound ‘Aussie’ ? Shorten words ( Beaut, Ute, Uni) Shorten words, and add letters and sounds on the ends of them (Barbi, Arvo, Planto, Toormi, Brissie, Cuppa) Join two words together often with an apostrophe (G’day, On’ya)

5 Lingo / Slang Translation Activity
Use it in a sentence Drongo Knackered Dunny Grog Chook Mozzie Yonks Hooroo Sanga’ Yewwy

6 Aussie Accents – “Strine”
‘Phonetics’ are literally the sounds of speech. The term ‘Strine’ used to describe the phonetics of the Australian accent, was a term coined in Strine was inspired by a British Author ‘Monica Dickins,’ who, when on a book-signing tour down under, met one of her fans, and signed the inside her copy ‘To Emma Chisit.’ See if you can translate this ‘Strine’ conversations. 1. "Jareedna piper wairtsed abat the bushfires?" “Eiche nardly bleevit.” 2. “Gonnynews?“ “Yagunna goda Mairlben freester?" "Icon ardlywait."

7 Aussie Accents – “Strine” cont.
3. “Jegoda the footy?” "Nar dingo - sorten tv." "Waddya think of Bazza? “Idney great!?" “Eeza rep bairg.” “Eediddit without retrine”

8 Aussie Accents – “Strine” cont.
4. "Whine cher comoveren avtee?" “I was zony sane lar snite we oughter seeyas." "Sleece tiger do." “Jeer that noiz? Wodger reckna itiz? Scettin lairder."

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