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Los Angeles Valley College April 14, 2009. EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN.

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1 Los Angeles Valley College April 14, 2009


3 EMP creates road map for where College wants to be, devises strategies to help us reach goals, and provides means to measure success along the way EMP helps us make decisions, link budget and planning, and connect different planning activities taking place on campus EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN

4 EMP 2008-2014 Involved strategic research (environmental scan, internal scan) Much involvement from campus community Led by STRATUS, Educational Master Plan Committee Included development of new mission, vision, core commitments, goals, objectives, and strategies

5 CORE COMMITMENTS Learning Access Student Success Quality Mutual Respect Innovation Diversity Responsiveness Resourcefulness Environmental Stewardship

6 EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN EMP contains 4 Goals 21 Objectives Numerous Strategies

7 EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN Goal 1: Increase student retention, persistence and success

8 EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN Goal 2: Increase student access

9 EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN Goal 3: Enhance academic programs and services to meet student needs

10 EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN Goal 4: Enhance institutional effectiveness

11 EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN Where are we now? EMP approved by College Council in June 2008 Individual strategies assigned to committees and offices to complete implementation grids (including planned activities & measures) EMP Committee currently collecting and compiling implementation grids

12 EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN Plan informs the Facility Master Plan (FMP) and other College work, e.g. educational sites Prop funds support moving forward with physical planning and construction



15 EMP: EDUCATIONAL SITES What is an educational site? Why establish educational sites? Access Institutional Effectiveness Why Panorama City & Burbank? Kosmont data


17 “Strategists who help colleges and universities create quality programs, services, and competitive advantage by aligning their internal strengths with external needs and opportunities.” STRATUS

18 Project Team: Jennifer Stripe Wayne Bottomley Sal Rinella Judy De La Cruz

19 GOAL OF THE PROJECT Analyze site locations and develop: Academic and space plans Staffing and operations plans

20 PROCESS Four-step process: 1.Strategic Research: Interviews, Document Review 2.Educational Site Plan: Academic Program, Staffing Plan, Operations 3.Space Programming 4.Final Report (June 2009)

21 YOUR ROLE Interviews Review Findings and Provide Feedback Shared Governance


23 AREA DEMOGRAPHICS Language Spoken at Home Panorama City, 91402 only: 64% speak Spanish at home

24 AREA DEMOGRAPHICS Educational Attainment Panorama City, 91402 only: 64% hold High School Diploma or Less

25 CONTACT INFORMATION General Questions/Educational Master Plan Rebecca Stein, Chair, LAVC EMP Committee (818) 947-2538 Facility Master Plan Elena Andrews, Steinberg Architects (213) 599-4378 Educational Site Analysis Jennifer Stripe, STRATUS (323) 606-4079

26 Los Angeles Valley College April 14, 2009

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