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Copyright Prentice-Hall, Inc. 2001 Information Input and Output Chapter 8.

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2 Copyright Prentice-Hall, Inc Information Input and Output Chapter 8

3 5-2 Let’s Interface Monthly Technology Update

4 5-3 Traditional Input Devices Point-and-Draw Devices Keyboards

5 5-4 Keyboards Alphanumeric Special-function Function keys Text cursor Menu QWERTY Alphanumeric Special-function Function keys Text cursor Menu QWERTY

6 5-5 Point-and-Draw Devices GUI Mouse cursor Click Double-click Drag GUI Mouse cursor Click Double-click Drag

7 5-6 Point-and-Draw Devices Trackpad Digitizer Tablet and Pen Joystick Trackball Trackpoint Photos Courtesy of: Imation Corporation Houston Instrument Div. AMETEK, Inc. Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.

8 5-7 Source-Data Automation l Need to enter data more quickly, efficiently, and as close to the source as possible l How? u Scanners u Smart Cards u Speech Recognition u Vision-Input Systems u Digital Cameras Input

9 5-8 Input Devices - Scanners OCR Optical Character Recognition Bar codes Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation and Caere Corporation Laser Contact Two scanner types:

10 5-9 3 Basic Scanner Categories (OCR and Bar codes) l Handheld label scanners u Wand scanners u Can use contact or laser technology l Stationary label scanners u Common in grocery stores u Use laser technology only l Document scanners u Can scan documents of various sizes u Can create a turnaround document

11 5-10 Image Scanners l Digitizes an image l Image Processing: manipulating and managing scanned images l Two types: u Page image scanners u Hand image scanners l Paperless society Photo courtesy of Hewlett-Packard Company

12 5-11 Cards Using Technology l Magnetic stripe encoded with data l Great for storing confidential information l Badge readers Courtesy of Gemplus l Contains microprocessor l May soon replace magnetic stripe cards l Stored-value cards Magnetic Stripe CardsSmart Cards

13 5-12 Speech Recognition l “Killer App” includes u Software u Generic vocabulary database u High-quality microphone l Need to train system l Speaker-Independent systems Courtesy of Dragon Systems Inc.

14 5-13 Vision-Input Systems l Uses a camera to digitize the image l Stores digitized image in a database l Continually compares new images to stored images in database l Suited to very specialized tasks like quality-control inspections

15 5-14 Digital Cameras

16 5-15 Mr. Potato Head wants to know: Are you getting the picture? Is it making sense? GOOD!!

17 5-16 Output Devices l Monitors l Printers l Multimedia Projectors l Voice - Response Systems Output

18 5-17 What Determines a Monitor’s Capabilities? l Graphics Adapter l Size l Resolution l Display Quality

19 5-18 Graphic Adapter l Device controller for the monitor l Inserted into expansion slot l AGP technology l Video RAM (VRAM)

20 ” Monitor 17” Monitor Monitor Size 19” Monitor Balance what you need with what you can afford.

21 pixels 768pixels Students are great! The size of the screen image is measured in pixels. Screen Resolution

22 5-21 Higher Resolution Low Resolution The distance between centers of adjacent pixels..28mm (millimeters) or less is recommended! Dot Pitch

23 5-22 The number of times per second the screen image is redrawn. 80 Hz or better and non-interlaced is recommended! Vertical Refresh Rate

24 5-23 Main difference is refresh rate. Flat Panel Monitors (LCD) Passive is much slower - can’t play video/animation! Passive is much slower - can’t play video/animation! Active vs. Passive Matrix Active vs. Passive Matrix Courtesy of ViewSonic® Corporation

25 5-24 Touch Screens Courtesy of Diebold Incorporated

26 5-25 Printers l Cost l Color vs. black and white l Output volume needs l Output quality needs l Special feature needs l Network concerns Printers Purchase Considerations

27 5-26 Page Printers l Laser, LED, LCS l Near-typeset-quality l 600 dpi to 1200 dpi

28 5-27 Ink-jet Printers l Budget-minded consumer’s choice l 600 dpi and up l Inexpensive for color abilities

29 5-28 Other Printers Large-Format Ink-Jet Printers Dot Matrix Printers MultifunctionPeripheral

30 5-29 Other Output Devices l Presentation Graphics u LCD Panels u LCD Projectors l Voice-Response Systems u Reproduction of human voice/sounds u Speech synthesis

31 5-30 Terminals l Dumb and smart terminals: u Video display terminal (VDT) u Dumb: monitor and keyboard only u Smart terminals: may have RAM and processor, but not meant for stand-alone l Telephone terminals and telephony u Integration of computers and telephones l ATM and POS Terminals

32 Copyright Prentice-Hall, Inc End of Chapter 8 Interactive Study Guide

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