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Copyright Prentice-Hall, Inc. 2001 Information Input and Output Chapter 8.

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2 Copyright Prentice-Hall, Inc. 2001 Information Input and Output Chapter 8

3 5-2 Let’s Interface Monthly Technology Update

4 5-3 Traditional Input Devices Point-and-Draw Devices Keyboards

5 5-4 Keyboards Alphanumeric Special-function Function keys Text cursor Menu QWERTY Alphanumeric Special-function Function keys Text cursor Menu QWERTY

6 5-5 Point-and-Draw Devices GUI Mouse cursor Click Double-click Drag GUI Mouse cursor Click Double-click Drag

7 5-6 Point-and-Draw Devices Trackpad Digitizer Tablet and Pen Joystick Trackball Trackpoint Photos Courtesy of: Imation Corporation Houston Instrument Div. AMETEK, Inc. Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.

8 5-7 Source-Data Automation l Need to enter data more quickly, efficiently, and as close to the source as possible l How? u Scanners u Smart Cards u Speech Recognition u Vision-Input Systems u Digital Cameras Input

9 5-8 Input Devices - Scanners OCR Optical Character Recognition Bar codes Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation and Caere Corporation Laser Contact Two scanner types:

10 5-9 3 Basic Scanner Categories (OCR and Bar codes) l Handheld label scanners u Wand scanners u Can use contact or laser technology l Stationary label scanners u Common in grocery stores u Use laser technology only l Document scanners u Can scan documents of various sizes u Can create a turnaround document

11 5-10 Image Scanners l Digitizes an image l Image Processing: manipulating and managing scanned images l Two types: u Page image scanners u Hand image scanners l Paperless society Photo courtesy of Hewlett-Packard Company

12 5-11 Cards Using Technology l Magnetic stripe encoded with data l Great for storing confidential information l Badge readers Courtesy of Gemplus l Contains microprocessor l May soon replace magnetic stripe cards l Stored-value cards Magnetic Stripe CardsSmart Cards

13 5-12 Speech Recognition l “Killer App” includes u Software u Generic vocabulary database u High-quality microphone l Need to train system l Speaker-Independent systems Courtesy of Dragon Systems Inc.

14 5-13 Vision-Input Systems l Uses a camera to digitize the image l Stores digitized image in a database l Continually compares new images to stored images in database l Suited to very specialized tasks like quality-control inspections

15 5-14 Digital Cameras

16 5-15 Mr. Potato Head wants to know: Are you getting the picture? Is it making sense? GOOD!!

17 5-16 Output Devices l Monitors l Printers l Multimedia Projectors l Voice - Response Systems Output

18 5-17 What Determines a Monitor’s Capabilities? l Graphics Adapter l Size l Resolution l Display Quality

19 5-18 Graphic Adapter l Device controller for the monitor l Inserted into expansion slot l AGP technology l Video RAM (VRAM)

20 5-19 15” Monitor 17” Monitor Monitor Size 19” Monitor Balance what you need with what you can afford.

21 5-20 1024 pixels 768pixels Students are great! The size of the screen image is measured in pixels. Screen Resolution

22 5-21 Higher Resolution Low Resolution The distance between centers of adjacent pixels..28mm (millimeters) or less is recommended! Dot Pitch

23 5-22 The number of times per second the screen image is redrawn. 80 Hz or better and non-interlaced is recommended! Vertical Refresh Rate

24 5-23 Main difference is refresh rate. Flat Panel Monitors (LCD) Passive is much slower - can’t play video/animation! Passive is much slower - can’t play video/animation! Active vs. Passive Matrix Active vs. Passive Matrix Courtesy of ViewSonic® Corporation

25 5-24 Touch Screens Courtesy of Diebold Incorporated

26 5-25 Printers l Cost l Color vs. black and white l Output volume needs l Output quality needs l Special feature needs l Network concerns Printers Purchase Considerations

27 5-26 Page Printers l Laser, LED, LCS l Near-typeset-quality l 600 dpi to 1200 dpi

28 5-27 Ink-jet Printers l Budget-minded consumer’s choice l 600 dpi and up l Inexpensive for color abilities

29 5-28 Other Printers Large-Format Ink-Jet Printers Dot Matrix Printers MultifunctionPeripheral

30 5-29 Other Output Devices l Presentation Graphics u LCD Panels u LCD Projectors l Voice-Response Systems u Reproduction of human voice/sounds u Speech synthesis

31 5-30 Terminals l Dumb and smart terminals: u Video display terminal (VDT) u Dumb: monitor and keyboard only u Smart terminals: may have RAM and processor, but not meant for stand-alone l Telephone terminals and telephony u Integration of computers and telephones l ATM and POS Terminals

32 Copyright Prentice-Hall, Inc. 2001 End of Chapter 8 Interactive Study Guide

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