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1 STCIR – Del Mar College IRE Sushil Pallemoni Research Associate.

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1 1 STCIR – Del Mar College IRE Sushil Pallemoni Research Associate

2 2 Topics STCIR Website Update Web Stats – Google Analytics Dashboard Tools – SAP Xcelsius

3 3 STCIR Dashboard Member Directory Enrollment numbers – Form Member Information – Form Other Reports

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9 9 Tracking Website Visits using Google Analytics Google Analytics is a program that measures how successful your website is by collecting detailed data on traffic, visitors, and content

10 What Information Does Google Analytics Show Me? Google can record a lot of information about People who visit your website Where they are located (Geographic) How they reached the website, Which page they looked How many pages they viewed, How long they spent viewing the pages What words they typed into a search engine This is priceless information!! 10

11 11 Analytics Account Login: Password: corpus99

12 12 Analyics Account Visitors Graph: Site Usage Visitors Overview Map Overlay Traffic Sources By Date Content Overview Visualize Data Custom Queries Add to Dashboard Schedule Email Delivery

13 13 Dashboards Visually Representing Data SAP Xcelsius / Microsoft Silverlight

14 14 SAP Xcelsius Engage Output your dashboard to PowerPoint, Word, PDF, Outlook or the Web – with one click Bringing Data Alive

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17 17 Actual Data: Categories/Criteria Listbox Items Set up: Target Display Table:



20 20 Census 2000 TIGER/Line Data Census Tracts, Block groups, Blocks, Roads - Shape files IRE Data Fall 07/08 Enrollment SAP Xcelsius SWF FOR WEB PDF FILE POWERPOINT WORD OUTLOOK GIMP (Scalable Vector Graphic)

21 21 Join data on Mapcodes (SVG from GIMP & Enrollment by Zip Codes)



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