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White Bangle Tiger Alexis Mathis And Jeremy Royster.

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2 White Bangle Tiger Alexis Mathis And Jeremy Royster

3 Names Common Name: White Bangle Tiger Scientific Name: Panthera Tigris

4 Life Style Diet – Pigs, cows, and deer – Eat 40lbs of meat at one time Sizes Housing requirements – 10 to 30 square miles where there is enough prey, cover/shelter and water to support them. Climate: it can live in any climate It is mainly found in the east and south India Tiger Territory Map

5 Life History Relationships with other species: it is a predator and it doesn’t get along with others animals to well Reproduction age: 3 to 4 years old and after 103 days 2 to 5 cubs are born Life span: lives for about 15 years Can be found in steamy hot jungle or icy cold forest

6 Social Life It is a solitary animal Endangerment: – They are hunted by hunters as trophies – Humans are getting on tigers turf. – Humans are separating the tigers

7 Interesting facts In 1969 the tiger was declared an endangered species Population size today is about 3,176 to 4,556 There are about 4000 white bangel tigers in the world they are being protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) which came into force in 1975 to save endangered wildlife. Interesting facts: – Largest of the cat family – They are known for there power and strength – They use there distinctive coats as camouflage

8 Questions 1.What is being done to save the White Bengal Tiger? 2.What do they eat? 3.Where can you find them? 4.What age are the when they reproduce? 5.How many cubs do they have?

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