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Tigers by Nour.

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1 Tigers by Nour

2 habitat There are lots of tigers that live in hot place. Tigers mostly live in Asia. Tigers live in swamps, grass and rainforests. There are no tigers in Africa. Some tigers live where it gets very cold-in parts of north Korea, eastern Russia and China. Other tigers live where it is hot in India and parts of southeast Asia. Tigers live in warm and cold places.

1Humans are destroying tigers habitat. In many areas the natural habitat has been destroyed so that people can build their homes in that area.Somepeople cut down forests to get wood for buildings. And they dig into the ground to get oil and coal for fuel. Air pollution is caused by fuel such as gas ,oil and coal. When animals breath polluted air they can die from the dirty air. Animals are as important as humans. 2Humans are killing tigers. Some humans are killing tigers because they are hunting them. At day time humans always hunt tigers so they can see them. Some people hunt them with bows arrows and guns. Sometime humans find tigers in forests, rainforests and savannas. Sometimes people hunt tigers to get trophies. Many humans have been setting out poison in order to kill tigers. I like tigers I do not want it to be extinct.

4 A lot of tigers look different
A lot of tigers look different. Some tigers have striped fur, usually yellow on black stripes with a white underbelly. It is really hard to see tigers at night because they blend in with their habitat. Tigers have round ears. Snow tigers are white with black stripes. Their ears are small and round, and have a black and white spot in the middle. Tigers always look different . Description

5 food chain and carnivores .
Tigers can eat lots of animals. They can eat Antelopes,Deers ,pythons Tigers are very good hunters. They eat meat for example a moose, a yak or a wild boar. Tigers hunt for food alone .Male tigers usually hunt for their family. Tigers are carnivores because they eat meat. With patience on soft pads on the bottoms of their feet they quietly creep up on a deer wild pigs and even a monkey. Tigers can eat lots of animals. food chain and carnivores

6 Tigers have lots of adaptations
Tigers have lots of adaptations. The first adaptation is that tigers are very good swimmers. They can swim to far places faster and if they walk it will take them more time. Tigers have very good eyesight because they mostly hunt at night. They have retractable claws to hunt and kill. The colour of their skin is the same colour as its habitat so its prey can’t see it.A tiger retracts claws as it is walking leaving no claw marks in its tracks. The tiger’s predator doesn’t see its claw marks so its predator doesn’t follow it. Adaptations

7 Tigers are the biggest of all cats
Tigers are the biggest of all cats. There are 5 different kind of tigers Siberian tiger ,Sumatra tiger, bangle tiger, saber-tooth tiger and south china tigers. Tiger roar can be heard from a distance of at least 2 miles(3.2 kilometers).Tigers are one of the few animals on the earth that actually hunt humans. Some tigers avoid people. A tiger usually kills its prey by gripping its neck and breaking its back bone. There are lots of interesting facts about a tigers . INTERESTING FACTS.


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