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“The Child by Tiger” p. 625 Thomas Wolfe ( ) By

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1 “The Child by Tiger” p. 625 Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) By
(First published in 1937)

2 Thomas Wolfe
Major modern American novelist Also had many short stories published in magazines Born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina

3 Thomas Wolfe Wrote four autobiographical novels
Look Homeward, Angel, published in 1929, was first Of Time and the River, the second, was published in 1935

4 Types of Conflict Plot Person vs. person Person vs. self
Person vs. nature Blacks vs. whites Blacks vs. blacks Whites vs. blacks Whites vs. whites

5 Movement of Action Exposition Complication Climax Denouement
Dick Prosser is introduced. Complication The boys see the rifle. Climax The manhunt takes place. Denouement Spangler reflects from a distance.

6 Both natural and man-made
Setting Both natural and man-made Man-made Setting (hostile) Town’s social and economic structure based on white dominance over blacks. Jobs Homes Parallels Wolfe’s hometown of Asheville, NC Natural Setting (hostile) Snow storm

7 Protagonist=Dick Prosser
Characterization Protagonist=Dick Prosser Round character Man of superior abilities Highly religious Often in situations that are an affront to his human dignity Constantly suppressing emotions Experiences indiscriminate outbreak Antagonist=white society

8 Title and Pt. of View Title Refers to Blake’s poem and the contrasting of innocence and savagery in the human soul Point of View First person singular told from Spangler’s viewpoint

9 Looting of Cash Eager’s place Dick’s physical description
Symbolism Snow Storm: Foreshadowing of trouble Violence of storm parallels violence of human actions Covering of white snow symbolizes white dominance Looting of Cash Eager’s place Mob mentality Animal lust Dick’s physical description red eyes paw (hand) removal of shoes at end

10 Theme Both violence and evil exist in the human soul alongside gentleness and goodness. Like all other aspects of nature, human nature has two sides—one beautiful and orderly and one repulsive and chaotic.

11 Like “The Most Dangerous Game,” this story has suspense, violence, and surprise.
Artistic unity, however, makes it more credible, complex, and significant. The conflicts comment on the character, geographical area, and spirit of the times.

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