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Nebraska Campus Compact AmeriCorps Service Scholars Courtney Jerke, Program Director.

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1 Nebraska Campus Compact AmeriCorps Service Scholars Courtney Jerke, Program Director

2 What is the Purpose of the NECC AmeriCorps Service Scholars Program? Promote civic engagement among college students while addressing community identified unmet needs through service. Priority Areas: o Education o Economic Opportunity o Healthy Futures o Disaster Preparedness o Environmental Stewardship o Veterans Services

3 Service Activities How will AmeriCorps Members address these community identified needs: Provide academic support services ( does not include tutoring or mentoring ) to disadvantaged youth at after-school programs; Provide financial literacy and tax preparation services to economically disadvantages individuals and families at volunteer income tax assistance sites (VITA); and Provide health education services and/or programs to students and community members.

4 Program Goals Provide one-on-one academic support services to 350 youth at after-school programs. Provide financial literacy and/or tax preparation services to 2,000 low to moderate income individuals and/or families. Provide health care education programming to 500 individuals.

5 AmeriCorps Positions Quarter Time 450 hours of service $675 stipend $1,468 education award Minimum Time 300 hours of service $500 stipend $1,175 education award

6 Institutional Partners: Roles & Responsibilities Identify appropriate host sites Assist in the recruitment and enrollment of students Collect and submit the necessary forms and documents Provide AmeriCorps Member support as needed

7 Host Site: Roles & Responsibilities Complete and submit the following: o Host Site Application Form o Host Site Agreement Form o AmeriCorps Position Description (detailing duties and responsibilities - must not include any prohibited activities) Provide direct support and daily supervision of AmeriCorps Members Verify service hours monthly (via My Service Log) Complete mid-term and end-of-term member evaluations Assist with data collection

8 AmeriCorps Members: Roles & Responsibilities Conduct 300 / 450 hours of service o 20% of hours may be for member development (trainings, workshops, conferences, etc.) Enter service hours monthly (via My Service Log) o Due by the 10 th of each month Complete monthly reports o Demonstrate impact through service accomplishments and stories o Due by the 15 th of each month Provide support for campus and community service projects and programs (i.e. National Days of Service) Recruit 5 volunteers

9 AmeriCorps Recruitment & Enrollment

10 Eligibility To be eligible to enroll in AmeriCorps, an individual must: o Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States; Be at least 17 years old; Have a high school diploma or GED o or agree to obtain one while serving; and Successfully pass a criminal history background check

11 Eligibility The Corporation for National and Community Service requires one of the following pieces of identification to establish eligibility: A birth certificate OR An unexpired U.S. passport

12 Enrollment AmeriCorps Member Application National Service Trust Enrollment Form AmeriCorps Member Contract I-9 o Birth certificate and/or passport W-4 o Driver’s License and social security card Citizenship Attestation Form Criminal History Background Check o 2 fingerprint cards Loan Forbearance Waiver Form

13 Criminal History Background Check A criminal history background check must be initiated on or before the first day of service. This includes: o A state and FBI criminal background check (fingerprints) o National Sex Offender Public Registry (NOSPR) AmeriCorps recruits will need to visit a Nebraska State Patrol location (or local police station) to be fingerprinted. o 2 fingerprint cards will need to be submitted to the Program Director

14 Criminal History Background Check AmeriCorps Members may perform service while awaiting the results of the background check o AmeriCorps Members must be “accompanied” their Host Site Supervisor o The Host Site Supervisor will need to complete an accompaniment document each month until the background check is complete

15 Required Forms & Documents

16 AmeriCorps Member Application Students must complete the AmeriCorps Member Application online at:

17 National Service Trust Enrollment Form This form is required to enroll a serving member in the National Service Trust, making the member eligible for an education award upon successful completion of his/her term of service. AmeriCorps Members must complete parts 1-3

18 AmeriCorps Member Contract This contract describes the terms, rules and conditions of enrolling into the AmeriCorps program (terms of service, benefits, loan forbearance, prohibited activities, rules of conduct, etc.) AmeriCorps Members must initial pages 2-9 and sign page 9

19 I-9 Form This document is used to determine eligibility AmeriCorps Members must complete and sign the form Birth Certificate OR U.S. Passport (Institutional Partner must view original document)

20 W-4 Form This document is used for tax withholding AmeriCorps Members must complete and sign the form Driver’s License AND Social Security Card (Institutional Partner should view original documents and submit copies)

21 Citizenship Attestation Form Similar to the I-9 document (required by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln) AmeriCorps Members must complete and sign the form

22 Loan Forbearance Waiver Form If choosing to waive the loan forbearance option, AmeriCorps Members must complete and sign the form

23 AmeriCorps Training

24 Host sites are encouraged to provide on-site orientation and training for AmeriCorps Members AmeriCorps Member training provided by the NECC o TBA AmeriCorps Members are encouraged to attend the ServeNebraska AmeriCorps Member Conference o October 16, 2012 o Lincoln, Nebraska

25 Prohibited Activities AmeriCorps members cannot participate in the following activities while performing service: o Engaging in partisan political activities, or other activities designed to influence the outcome of an election to any public office; o Organizing or engaging in protests, petitions, boycotts or strikes; o Providing abortion services or referrals for receipt of such services; and o Conducting a voter registration drive

26 My Service Log Online system used to track AmeriCorps service hours o Utilized by AmeriCorps Members and Host Site Supervisors o Once enrolled, Members and Supervisors will receive information on how to log on o Hours are to be entered and signed by the 10 th of each month

27 Monthly Reports AmeriCorps Members must complete monthly reports o Short online survey o Must be completed by the 15 th of each month Demonstrate Impact o Stories, pictures, articles, etc. We want to hear how AmeriCorps Members are impacting their communities o We also encourage Institutional Partners and Host Site Supervisors to share this information

28 Exit Process

29 Exit Check List Hour Logs o Must be complete and signed by both the AmeriCorps Member and Host Site Supervisor in My Service Log Performance Evaluation o Must be completed by the Host Site Supervisor National Service Trust Exit Form

30 National Service Trust Exit Form This form ends the term of a serving member in the National Service Trust and report on the eligibility of the member for an education award AmeriCorps Members must complete part 1

31 Segal Education Award

32 Education Award Term of Service #of Hours Education Award Minimum Time 300 $1,175 Quarter Time 450 $1,468 AmeriCorps Members must complete the full term of service to receive the full education award o Partial awards are based on the number of hours served

33 Education Award Highlights Members have up to 7 years to use the award o It does not have to be used all at once Awards can be used to repay qualified student loans or to pay for current education expenses o Payments are made to the school or lender NOT the Member o Accessed through Awards are considered taxable income

34 Resources ServeNebraska o Nebraska Campus Compact o (402) 472-9638 o AmeriCorps o My Service Log o

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