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Family Planning During Residency 2007-2010 PARA/CAHCA Contract.

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1 Family Planning During Residency 2007-2010 PARA/CAHCA Contract

2 Maternity Leave Moms in Alberta receive up to seventeen (17) weeks of sufficient pay, inclusive of the employment insurance two-week waiting period, to match 90% of their salary when combined with employment insurance. Maternity Leave can commence up to eight (8) weeks prior to the predicted date of birth. Birth mothers are eligible for paid sick or special leave for a valid health related reason (Article 12). E.I. has a 2 week waiting period. PARA/CAHCA top up pays one lump sum at the end of leave.

3 Call Service No on-call duties after 31 weeks of gestation. Leave can begin earlier for valid medical reasons. Reduced call duty should not occur with a reduction in pay, or lengthen training.

4 Parental Leave In the event of the birth or adoption of a child, where a resident has not been granted maternity leave, a resident shall be granted a maximum of two (2) weeks leave of absence with full pay and benefits. What happened to paternity leave?

5 Provincial Parental Leave Birth mothers can take up to 52 consecutive weeks of unpaid job-protected leave. –15 weeks maternity leave. –37 weeks parental leave. Fathers and/or adoptive parents are eligible for up to 37 consecutive weeks of unpaid, job-protected parental leave. Adoptive parents can take parental leave regardless of the age of the adopted child. Parental leave may be taken by one parent or shared between two parents, but the total combined leave cannot exceed 37 weeks.

6 Family Planning Article 9.01 Maternity/ Parental leave shall not constitute a cause for termination of engagement but will likely require an extension of the program as determined by the Program Director. Waiver of Training: exceptional circumstances vs. exceptional residents.

7 Maternity Leave Residents on Maternity Leave are eligible to receive their practice stipend if they are a holder of a current letter of engagement. Tuition is paid by the resident. Payment is prorated; residents are not charged tuition while they are on Maternity Leave. Residents will be charged for tuition for the entire month of the last day they work, even if the last day falls on the first of the month The Practice Stipend is paid in full to residents during the fall term of each year. The practice stipend is in recognition of tuition and CMPA; This payment is not prorated: –$1,587 (2007) –$1,740 (2008) –$1,845 (2009)

8 Benefits Co-shared benefits for the duration of Maternity Leave (17 weeks). Co-shared benefits cease once top up/ salary benefits stop. A resident can choose to continue or cancel benefits coverage during their extended parental leave; this requires a form from your benefits department. PARA will continue to cover residents on Maternity/ Parental Leave for both Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

9 Opting in: Keeping your benefits translates to ~$300.00/month Opting out: Do it in writing Keep a personal record – A Calgary resident had pay withheld upon returning because payroll failed to remove her from the plan. They insisted she pay them back for their portion of the co-share. Benefits

10 What do Parents Think Letting your Program Director know - when is a good time? ASAP: Generally 12 weeks gestation and definitely once you begin telling other people. Resident / Program Director Planning Reduced call duties Possible medical complications

11 Family-friendly programs: Ask around: Which residents have given birth / have children? Web links: If program web sites have links to pregnancy information it is a good sign! Testimonial: Internal Medicine at the U of A has been absolutely wonderful. What do Parents Think

12 Who else should parents tell? Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) 780-492-9730 Payroll and Benefits 780-408-8799 – maternity package Payroll: 780-735-0340 – record of employment (ROE) Government of Alberta - Application for EI 1-800-206-7218 600 hrs are required to claim CMPA - Cancel your membership for the months that you will be on leave. 1-800-267-6522 What do Parents Think

13 When is a good time to get pregnant? There is no perfect time, but you do need 600 hours before you can claim EI (four months). When it’s right for you! Testimonial: It was nice to get the LMCC II out of the way. What do Parents Think

14 Things to consider: Planning your rotations – Lighter work rotations at the end of your pregnancy/returning from parental leave. will reduced call be an issue for rotation completion? Planning your family – Spacing your children if you want more than one child during residency. Timing of exams – LMCC II/Royal College Exams. What do Parents Think

15 Other things to consider: Time off – What are your family’s goals and values Testimonial: Family goals should be discussed with your partner ahead of time. Returning to work and Childcare – Planning ahead Some daycares in the city will not take infants less than 19 months of age. Those that do often have long waiting lists (the U of A infant/toddler center has a 2 year waiting list. What do Parents Think

16 Women’s Health Pre-conception check up See your gynecologist or family doctor Folic acid – Take it! At least 1.0 mg daily; more for high risk moms You’re expecting? SLEEP MORE! you will need it You’re expecting? KEEP SNACKS HANDY! You will need them You’re expecting? EXERCISE! Aqua aerobics is great and its low impact deline%20final%20(2).pdf

17 Discussion Topics Contract Negotiations 2010: Changes to Maternity Leave Changes to Parental Leave Reduced Call Service: Battling expectations Complications with covering call Preterm Labour Complications – what does the literature say? Prolonged walking or standing, either alone or in combination with other risk factors is associated with increased risk of preterm labour. Evidence suggests that eliminating excessive standing by the 24 th week of pregnancy restores the risk of adverse perinatal outcomes to those of unexposed women.

18 ~Most Important ~ KEEP PERSPECTIVE! Ask for help when you need It! If call service is too much, tell your ob-gyn or family doc and talk to your program director to rearrange your schedule.

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