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The Medical Scholars Program (MSP)

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1 The Medical Scholars Program (MSP)
โครงการผลิตอาจารย์แพทย์ มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล Ph.D., M.D.

2 AIMS To train academic M.D.’s
To offer an alternative career path for outstanding medical students Intro to MSP

3 The Medical Scholars Program
(The 1st decade) June 1989 Endowment Funds US$ 350,000 (CMB) US$ 500,000 (MU) (An Equivalence of Bhts Millions) แสดงความเป็นมาโดยสังเขป July Recruitment of MSP students Class-1 (ID 32xxxxx) Intro to MSP

4 Eligible MSP-candidates
Thai Medical students at MU BM, RA, SI 3rd Year med-students GPA > 3.0 Intro to MSP

5 PhD-MD. vs. MD Intro to MSP

6 Transition in MSP curriculum
Intro to MSP

7 Estimated Expenditures per student 120,000 6 162,000 8 360,000 17
(Bahts) Stipend before B.Sc. (2 yrs) 5 k 120,000 6 % Stipend Grad-Study (2 yrs) 8 k 162,000 8 Stipend Grad-Study (3 yrs) 10 k 360,000 17 Stipend Med-Study (3 yrs) k 400,000 19 PhD.tuition fee (4 yrs) 150,000 7.5 Research fund (3 yrs) Meetings (local & overseas) 100,000 5 Oversea Lab Training (6 months) 600,000 30 Total 2,042,000 100 % Intro to MSP

8 List of Graduate Program (International ) 1 / 3
Faculty of Science Organic Chemistry Pathobiology Pharmacology Physical Chemistry Physics Physiology Polymer Science and Technology Science and Technology Education Toxicology Analytical Chemistry Anatomy and Structure Biology Biochemistry Biotechnology Chemistry Physics Exercise Science Inorganic Chemistry Mathematics Microbiology Molecular Medicine and Genetics Intro to MSP

9 List of Graduate Program (International ) 2 / 3
Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital Biochemistry Immunology Medical Microbiology Faculty of Tropical Mediicine, Clinical Tropical Medicine Tropical Medicine Intro to MSP

10 Please search more information at
List of Graduate Program (International ) 3 / 3 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics and Genetics Engineering Institute of Science and Technology for Research and Development Neuroscience Please search more information at Intro to MSP

11 Please contact MSP office for further information at or send to Intro to MSP

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