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เตรียมความพร้อมในการขอรับรอง ISO 15189:2012 ปี 2558.

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2 เตรียมความพร้อมในการขอรับรอง ISO 15189:2012 ปี 2558

3 Summary of changes Improved layout & listing of subclausesImproved layout & listing of subclauses More logical ordering of subclausesMore logical ordering of subclauses Two new normative section (5.9 and 5.10)Two new normative section (5.9 and 5.10) -5.9 Release of results ( 5.8 split into 5.8 & 5.9) Lab Information Management (New section) Additional detail, no change of intent to the requirementsAdditional detail, no change of intent to the requirements Reference: Gap analysis of ISO 15189:2012 and version 2007 (NATA); issued 2013

4 Summary of changes (2) Title : Medical laboratories- Requirements for quality and competenceTitle : Medical laboratories- Requirements for quality and competence DefinitionsDefinitions - 19 (2007) and 27 (2012) definitions - (7) removed: accuracy to measurement, uncertainty etc. - Additional 15 definitions: alert interval, nonconformity, process etc.

5 ISO 15189:2007 ข้อกำหนด ข้อกำหนด ISO 15189:2012 ข้อกำหนด ข้อกำหนด ISO 15189: 2003, 2007, 2012


7 5.1Personnel (Significant editorial) Divide personnel requirements into sections General Personnel qualification Job description Personnel introduction to the organizational environment Training Competence assessment Reviews of staff performance Continuing education and professional development Personnel records Responsibilities of lab director moved out

8 5.1Personnel new new new

9 5.1Personnel Amended /new

10 5.1Personnel Sig editorial

11 5.1Personnel new Amended /new Review of staff performance  Reviews of staff performance to maintain or improve the quality of service Continuing education and professional development A continuing education programme available to personnel who participate in managerial and technical process. Personnel must take part in continuing education Effectiveness of the edu pro reviewed periodically Personnel take part in regular professional development

12 5.1Personnel amend ed


14 5.3Lab equip, reagent, consumables Note Lab equipment: hardware and software of instruments, measuring systems, lab information system (LIS) Reagent: reference materials, calibrators & quality control materials Consumables: culture media, pipette tips, slide etc

15 5.3Lab equip, reagent, consumables Sig editorial

16 5.3Lab equip, reagent, consumables Sig editorial

17 5.3Lab equip, reagent, consumables General Procedure for selection, purchasing and management of equipment Lab replace equipment as needed to ensure the quality of exam results Equipment instructions for use lab has procedures for safe handling, transport, storage and use of equip to prevent its contamination

18 5.3Lab equip, reagent, consumables new Equipment calibration and metrological traceability Procedure for calibration of equip that direct of indirect affects exam results include: Metrological traceability must be to a reference material Equipment records  Performance records include copies of report/certificates of all calibrations and/or verifications.

19 5.3Lab equip, reagent, consumables new new new new Reagents, consumables Procedure for reception, storage, acceptance testing, inventory management of reagent and consumable Receiving location have adequate storage and handling capacities to prevent damage/deterioration and this must be verified, where lab is not receiving facility Inventory control system segregate uninspected & unacceptable reagents and consumables from the accepted ones Instruction for the use of reagents & consum. available  inventory management  Reagent records

20 5.3Lab equip, reagent, consumables amended Reagents, consumables- adverse incident reporting Incident that attributed directly to specific reagents or consum. Investigated and reported to manufacturer and authorities  Reagent records: -Identity -manufacturer’s name, -expire date, date material taken out of service -condition received (acceptable/ damaged) -manufacturer’s instruction -initial acceptance for use -performance records that confirm for ongoing acceptance for use -where reagent prepared in-house, records must include person (s) undertake the preparation & date


22 5.4Pre-exam processes Sig editorial general info for patients and users request form info primary sample collection and handling Sample transportation Sample reception Pre-exam handling, preparation and storage

23 5.4Pre-exam processes Amended  Procedure for pre-exam ( คู่มือเก็บตัวอย่าง )  information for patients and users location, type of clinical services, Opening hours of lab Exam offered, sample volume, special precaution, TAT, biological reference intervals,clinical decision values Instruction for completion request form, collection instruction for transportation, special handling needs Criteria for accepting, rejecting sample a list of factors known to affect the performance of exam or the interpretation of the results lab’s policy on protection of personal information Lab ‘s complaint procedure

24 5.4Pre-exam processes amended  Request form info clinically relevant info about patient for exam performance and result interpretation purpose -Family history, travel and exposure history date and time of sample collection, receipt lab cooperate with users in clarifying the user’s request

25 5.4 Pre-exam proPre-exam processes new d new - Genneral  where users requires deviations from doc collection procedure, these must be recorded in exam results and be communicated to the appropriate personnel -Instruction for collection activities  info regarding sample containers, additives etc must be communicated to those staff, in situation where collection performed by clinical staff.


27 5.5Examination processes amend Amend/ new Selection, verification& validation procedures -preferred procedure: in vitro medical devices, published in established/authoritative textbook, peer-reviewed texts or journals or international consensus stds or guidelines - The identity of persons performing recorded Verification of exam procedure  validated procedure must be verified before use  info to be obtained from the manufacturer / method developer regarding the performance characteristics of the procedure  procedure of verification, the verification must confirm that the performance claim met and reviewed by appropriate staff

28 5.5Examination processes amend -Validation of exam procedures  For non-std methods, developed methods, std method used outside their intended scope, validated method modified Performance characteristics: measurement trueness, accuracy, precision, repeatability, intermediate precision, Uncertainty, analytical specificity, sensitivity, detection limit, quantitation limit, diagnostic spec &sensitivity.

29 5.5Examination processes Amend/new amend amend/new Measurement uncertainty of measured quantity values  determine the uncertainty of results with the quantity values  Where exam include a measurement step but do not report a quantity value, lab should calculate the uncertainty of measurement step in assessing the reliability of the procedure or influence the reported result. Biological reference intervals or clinical decision values  define, documented and communicated to users Documentation of exam procedures  include: patient prep, type of containers& additives Principle of procedure for cal results ; Uncertainty, Envi & safety control, biological reference control etc


31 5.6 Sig editorial general quality control interlab comparison

32 new new new  performing exam under defined conditions  appropriate pre and post –exam are implement  Result are not fabricated Quality control materials  react in a manner as close to patient samples  periodically examined with a frequency based on stability of procedure and the risk of harm to the patient from erroneous result Quality control data procedure to prevent results being released in a QC failure When QC rules are violated, results rejected and re- exam after errors QC data regularly reviewed to detect trends with preventive action, recorded

33 new editorial Inter laboratory comparisons Participation  participate in an inter lab comparisons ( such as EQA,PT programme)  Procedure for inter lab comparison participation: responsibility & instruction for participation, any performance criteria differed from the prog Alternative approaches  certified ref materials, sample previously examined, material from cell repositories, exchange of samples with other labs Control materials that are tested daily in inter lab comparison prog

34 new new Analysis of inter lab comparison samples  Integrate the samples into routine workflow Evaluation of lab performance Performance in interlab comparison reviewed and discussed with relevant staff when predetermined performance criteria are not fulfilled,implement corrective action


36 Amend/ new Review of results  SOP include ensuring that personnel review the results of exam before release and evaluate against internal quality control  involves automatic reporting review criteria to be documented


38 New Automated selection and reporting of results  requirement and criteria for automated results


40 Information system: computerized and non- computerized Authorities and responsibilities define authorities and respon of all personnel Who use the system: acess pat data&info, examination results, change data&results, release the results LIM :collection, processing, recording etc validated and verified, protected, safeguard

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