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Residential Surveillance with IR Sensor & Raspberry Pi Maxine Major April 22, 2014.

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1 Residential Surveillance with IR Sensor & Raspberry Pi Maxine Major April 22, 2014

2 Overview Goals (Quadsheet) Decisions Shopping List Implementation ◦Setup ◦Components ◦Timeline Security Issues Demo

3 Quadsheet

4 Goals Home Security System ◦Camera ◦Motion sensor Reporting ◦Short Message Service (SMS) ◦Live Webcam ◦Recorded images/video

5 Decisions Type of Camera ◦USB webcam ◦IP camera ◦“stealth” cam Functionality ◦Video & Sound ◦Record in dark ◦Motion detection Webserver ◦Store/serve images/video ◦OS vs. Arduino

6 Decisions Sensor ◦Infrared  Passive Infrared (PIR/IR) (changes in heat)  Ultrasonic (frequency changes / microwave)  Tomography motion detection (detects through walls!) ◦Photoelectric beam (lasers) ◦Hybrid  Single point of failure ◦Pyroelectric

7 Decisions Decided on: ◦USB camera  Daylight recording only  Video & Sound ◦Raspberry Pi  Linux-based Raspbian OS ◦Passive Infrared Sensor  Motion detection only  Motion detection to trigger video

8 Shopping List Raspberry Pi CanaKit ◦Power supply ◦HDMI Cable (not needed) ◦Breadboard & prototyping materials ◦Wi-Fi dongle ◦8GB SD card w/NOOBS ◦Case ◦$79.99

9 Shopping List PIR Sensor ◦Good reviews ◦5V works off RPi 3.5V ◦Missing jumper ◦$4.99

10 Shopping List Logitech HD 270 ◦USB Webcam ◦Minimal reported issues ◦Works well with motion ◦$27.99 ◦

11 Shopping List Raspberry Pi (Cana Kit) $79.99 Logitech HD 270 $27.99 PIR Sensor $4.99 Powered USB Hub $35.00 Keyboard, mouse, and monitor $0.00 Total Cost: ~$150.00

12 Setup


14 IR Sensor General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) ◦Python GPIO library  Set mode  Define which pin to expect input GPIO_PIR = 18  Motion detected when GPIO state == 0

15 IR Sensor

16 SMS Short Message Service (SMS) ◦Create new Gmail account ◦ server = smtplib.SMTP( "", 587 ) server.starttls() server.login( '', ‘password' ) server.sendmail( 'Raspzilla', ‘', 'Motion detected at home!' )

17 Video & Live Stream Motion ◦/etc/motion/motion.conf ◦Webcam port 8081 ◦Control port 8080 ◦framerate 10 ◦ffmpeg_video_codec msmpeg4 ◦max_mpeg_time 600 lighttpd (pronounced “lightly”) ◦Webserver ◦Small memory footprint VLC Media player

18 Video & Live Stream Initial Results

19 Storage Default directory ◦/tmp/motion ◦Cleaned on reboot Dropbox ◦Dropbox uploader script ◦Authentication not on RPi  Uses Dropbox API for authentication ◦Issues getting this to work WinSCP ◦Manually transfer files ◦Not automated

20 Timeline ◦Setup Raspberry Pi  New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS)  Raspbian ◦Configure Wi-Fi  Static IP ◦Install motion ◦Set up PIR sensor ◦python  Print message to console  Short Message Service (SMS) ◦crontab run python at startup ◦python initiates motion at detection  Shell commands ◦Offsite storage

21 Security

22 Security RPi Credentials ◦Username: pi, Password: raspberry  default startup doesn’t ask for credentials.  ssh still does. IP Tables ◦“firewall” for Linux systems Passwords stored plaintext ◦motion ◦Python SMS

23 Issues Motion daemon run at startup = bad idea ◦100% resource utilization Initially refusing to use a webserver Not understanding video formats Stream-able video vs. motion capture video Firefox only browser streaming video Audio | and \ not functioning on keyboard ◦(Shift+3 #: £, “ = @,)

24 Demo

25 References raspberrypi-sms-sensors/ raspberrypi-sms-sensors/

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