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Windows Server MIS 424 Professor Sandvig. Overview Role of servers Performance Requirements Server Hardware Software Windows Server IIS.

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1 Windows Server MIS 424 Professor Sandvig

2 Overview Role of servers Performance Requirements Server Hardware Software Windows Server IIS

3 Role of Servers File server WWU U drive CBE J drive – courses Network printing Mail server Network support Active Directory Domain Controller DNS Server Database server Web server

4 Performance Requirements Reliability Network services depends upon Operate 24/7 Security Must authenticate and authorize file access Web servers exposed to Internet Scalability Add capacity Support clusters Performance monitoring tools

5 Server Hardware

6 Hardware runs 24/7 for years Must be reliable Use: High quality components redundancy

7 Server Hardware Reliability Power Redundant power supplies UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply Redundant cooling fans Remote Supervisor Separate computer that monitors server Sends message when problem is detected Storage…

8 Server Hardware RAID Storage Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives Combines multiple hard drives No data lost if one fails RAID 1 2 or more mirrored disks – each stores same data RAID 5 3 or more striped disks with parity RAID 6 Recover two lost disks Requires RAID controller Hot swapping Replace disk drive without powering down

9 Server Hardware Automated backups Nightly or more frequently Tape drive Network Amazon S3 Copies off-site

10 Server Hardware Yorktown HP ProLiant DL360 G6ProLiant DL360 G6 Purchased 2010 ~ $3,200 + storage 2003 Yorktown ~$15,000 Quad core, 64 bit Dimensions: 1.7” tall 4 hot-swap bays Storage: RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 6 GB RAM (max 144 GB) Redundant hot-swap cooling and power Mirrored memory Lights-out management Separate processor w/ web interface Server diagnostics & restart No video, audio, keyboard, printer… Windows Server 2008

11 Sever Software Several OS available MS Windows – 46% revenue* Unix – 18% Linux - 20% IBM System z – 12% Our focus: Windows Server *IDC Worldwide Server Market May 2012

12 Server Software In 2013 Server/Tools brought in more money than Windows.

13 Windows Server Windows Server built on PC OS Server 2003  Windows XP Server 2008  Windows Vista Server 2012  Windows 8 Server 2003+ ROCKS more later… Security Default applications: stripped down Minimize attack surface Configure Server Wizard



16 Event Logging

17 Windows Server Self-healing file system Detects & fixes corrupted files on-the-fly Hyper-V Server 2008 Create virtual servers Power Shell Task automation via scripting language

18 Windows Server 2012 Pricing – complicatedcomplicated Range $399 - $10,000+ Depends upon: Number of processors Number of virtual machines Client access licenses (CALs) Amazon

19 Windows Server Our interest: Web server: Internet Information Services (IIS) Tightly integrated with Windows Permissions Applications Error handling

20 IIS Role of IIS 1. Handle http requests 2. Application reliability 3. Security – check credentials 4. Log activity

21 IIS – 1. Handle Requests

22 IIS – Set up web sites IIS Manager GUI to manage web site configuration Host multiple web sites on single server

23 IIS – Set up new web site Setup new web site

24 IIS – Set up web site Each web site has many configuration options Goals: Reliability Security

25 IIS – ASP.NET applications Web sites partitioned into applications Each application has many config. options Goals: Reliability Security

26 IIS – Handle Requests Application transfers request to appropriate handler

27 IIS – Application pools Applications can become “un-healthy” Memory leaks Errors Abandoned data stored in Application etc. etc. Become slow Consume lots of memory

28 IIS – Application pools Application Pools Added in Server 2003 Assign applications to “pools” Each pool is Windows process Create rules to: close unused applications restart unhealthy applications release memory

29 IIS – Application pools Create new application pools in IIS

30 IIS – Application pools Assign applications to pools

31 IIS – Application pools Very effective!

32 IIS - Security Every request requires authentication and authorization Anonymous users Permissions from IIS Network Service account Built-in Windows account

33 IIS Security Assigning identities to requests

34 IIS Security Windows permissions on folder

35 IIS – Log activities Event log W3 Service log

36 Summary Windows Server Popular Many uses File server, mail server, database server…. Web Server IIS Provides many configuration options Goals: Reliability Security

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