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It Pays to be Smart EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings © 2012 Digital Lumens.

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1 It Pays to be Smart EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings © 2012 Digital Lumens

2 Redefining industrial lighting with Intelligent LED Lighting Systems that deliver unprecedented efficiency, performance, and customer value Reduces lighting energy use by up to 90% Integrates smart LED-based luminaires, sensing and intelligence Optimized for rugged industrial environments Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) Patented intelligence technology Award-winning products & company 2 Leading the Way in Intelligent Lighting © 2012 Digital Lumens

3 Intelligent Lighting System Drives Maximum Savings 3 Networked Together Centrally Managed Smart LED Lights The Complete Solution © 2012 Digital Lumens

4 4 Efficiency Most energy efficient High performance occupancy sensing & dimming Daylight harvesting © 2012 Digital Lumens

5 5 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings © 2012 Digital Lumens 290W 2 year life Frequent maint. 450W2 year life Frequent maint. Lowest wattage Lowest energy use Longest life Maintenance-free Most Energy Efficient 155W12+ year life No maint. ✔ ✔ ✔

6 6 Occupancy sensors Fully integrated into each fixture Deliver light only where & when needed Features three infrared sensors Higher ceiling heights Improved performance Designed by Digital Lumens Dimming Full range dimming in every fixture Can be programmed from 0-100% EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings © 2012 Digital Lumens High Performance Occupancy Sensing & Dimming Facility occupancy map report

7 © 2012 Digital Lumens | Proprietary & Confidential 7 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings Controlling Sensor Delays Controls Energy Cost Sensor Log Data 4:30pm 5:30pm Sensor Delay % “Active”ILE Energy Cost* (160W) HIF Energy 15 mins (220W) 30 sec25.2 %$35 / yr$ sec40.8 %$57$ sec52.4 %$73$190 3 min72.5 %$102$190 5 min89.3 %$125$ min98.6 %$138$190 * 10¢ /kWh

8 8 Automatically assesses available ambient and gradually adjusts light output to illuminate area to target light level Photo sensors fully integrated into each fixture Depending on available ambient light, reduces lighting use by an additional 25-50% Consistent light quality throughout the space EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings © 2012 Digital Lumens Daylight Harvesting

9 9 Flexibility Robust product & service family Intelligence Scheduling & reporting © 2012 Digital Lumens

10 10 Intelligent fixtures to address each facility’s unique needs ILE ,000 lumens 215W 26,000 lumens 325W ILE-3-26 Up to 50’ mounting height Three independently rotatable LED light bars Integrated occupancy sensors Integrated daylight harvesting Wide or narrow optics options Onboard intelligence to manage fixture behavior Wirelessly connected to LightRules TM management software 107,000 hour lifetime rating 5 year warranty EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings ALL FIXTURES FEATURE: ILE ,000 lumens 155W

11 Active levels Inactive levels Occupancy sensor timeouts LightRules TM Lighting Management Software 11 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings © 2012 Digital Lumens Energy consumption Energy cost Energy savings Facility occupancy Daylight harvesting What-if analysis Control Report

12 12 Manage, Edit & Report EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings Dashboard Scheduling Occupancy Map Facility Map Energy Reports Profile Management © 2012 Digital Lumens

13 Customize lighting profiles by zone, e.g.: Loading docks Frozen storage Ambient storage Minimize lighting energy costs while maximizing operator efficiency & safety Automated or manual control Managed lighting = managed costs 13 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings © 2012 Digital Lumens Customize Lighting

14 14 LightRules Monitor EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings Remote service Ensures maximum efficiency Quarterly & annual reports Recommendations to optimize energy efficiency alerts Digital Lumens has identified the following recommendations to increase energy efficiency and reduce lighting costs in your facility: Reduce occupancy timeouts in the loading dock area Decrease inactive levels in Room 5 LightRules Monitor Alert

15 15 Reliability Fully certified, labeled & listed Tested & proven – case studies © 2012 Digital Lumens

16 16 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings Proven Reliability Robust design Rugged and integrated technology Tested, certified, listed, and labeled UL, CE/CB, DOE, Lighting Facts, DLC, NEMA IP Rating, LM79, LM80 Outstanding support 5-year warranty Backed by world-class lighting professionals 107,000-hour lifetime rating © 2012 Digital Lumens

17 Deployed in the world’s leading industrial facilities Warehouses, cold storage, manufacturing, aviation, etc. More than 200 large-scale deployments 17 Tested & Proven © 2012 Digital Lumens New Orleans Cold Storage EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings

18 Case Study Energy Savings Highlights EnvironmentPrevious LightingEnergy Savings Manufacturing400 Watt HPS75% Dry Warehouse1,000 Watt HID90% Cold StorageHIF90% Cold Storage (mobile racking) 400 Watt HID97% Cold/New ConstructionNA75-90% over alternatives © 2012 Digital Lumens 18 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings

19 19 Savings Savings summary Lighting cost comparison Digital Lumens Advantage © 2012 Digital Lumens

20 Intelligent Lighting System Savings Summary Intelligence 20 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings LED power reduction (watts) Incentives Fine-tuning HVAC & chiller load reduction Maintenance © 2012 Digital Lumens

21 TCO Comparison Intelligent Light System vs. Alternatives 100 $.10/kWh Considering lamp life and operating hours, and maintenance costs per fixture ** Annual energy expense x 10 year + maintenance + capital expense (incl. labor) 21 HIDHIF HIF with sensors LEDs without sensors LEDs with sensors Digital Lumens ILS System Type400W MH6L T5 Competitor ILE-3-13 Fixture Watts (including ballasts) Total Lighting Time 8,760 (100%) 7,884 (90%) 8,760 (100%) 4,380 (50%) 1,752 (20%) Annual Energy Expense $39,420$28,996$26,096$14,016$7,008$2,716 Percent Energy Savings 26%34%64%82%93% 5 Yr Maint. Expenses* $15,000$10,000 $0 5 Yr TCO **$249,600$174,978$165,480$154,540$124,540$103,780

22 TrialPak for Pre-installation M&V Allows trial installation with full LightRules capability Confirms assumptions for: Energy reduction Daylight harvesting Occupancy Easily exportable M&V reports 22 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings © 2012 Digital Lumens

23 EfficiencyFlexibilityReliabilitySavings Intelligence Doesn’t Cost More It Gives You More 23© 2012 Digital Lumens Andrea Klos Product Marketing Manager

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