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Start of Presentation ALLUME, LLC High Performance – Energy Efficient Lighting and Controls.

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3 ALLUME, LLC High Performance – Energy Efficient Lighting and Controls

4 Allume, LLC is a Business Partner in NYSERDAs Commercial Lighting Program and delivers The Right Light SM to our clients.

5 What can we do for you? Improve your illumination with PROVEN and RELIABLE High Performance, low Wattage products Lower your energy costs Procure incentive $$$

6 What is High Performance? 1.High Lumen Lamps 2.High Performance Ballasts 3.Achieving the desired Foot-Candles with the highest Lumens per Watt

7 Who can benefit? Commercial Spaces: office buildings Manufacturing and Industrial Warehouses Hotels & Motels *(ask about our Venergy tm system)

8 What is Venergy tm ? Venergy tm is a proven system of significantly lowing energy usage by: – Lowering or raising the thermostat automatically based upon occupation of the space – Automatically turning off lighting and appliances – Making a room or office safer by automatically turning off space heaters, coffee pots, etc. – Perfect for Hotels, Motels, Offices

9 Back to Lighting

10 Why choose ALLUME, LLC ? The typical one-for-one light fixture replacement method disregards what your current requirements may be. The original lighting layout is often obsolete for your current floor plan and usage. For example, a storage area has been converted to manufacturing or the new tasks now require more illumination than originally designed for.

11 Why We are Different We are determined to not only save as much as possible on your energy bill, but to update the system design to suit your current operations. We will use the correct fixtures, ballasts, and lamps in each unique area to meet your specific requirements.

12 How We are Different This is a much more complex approach than the typical one-for-one method used by most, but you are investing in a lighting system that should be right the first time and give you many years of exceptional service. We will spend as much time that is necessary to know exactly what your needs are before completing the design.

13 What is the Process? An initial visit, at no cost, will be made to get the overview of your current fixtures and lamps. The second visit will be a site inspection and survey. At this time we will also record your hours of operation per each area. For example, the office hours may be less than the manufacturing hours.

14 Whats Next? We will repeat these meetings if necessary until you, the customer, are satisfied that we understand what you need and expect. When you and I are confident that we are in agreement, We will be able to tell you what your can expect to save per year in lighting energy costs at your current kWh rate.

15 What about Incentives? In addition to the energy savings from using High Performance products, we examine all of the incentive programs that are available.

16 More about Incentives There incentives available from several sources. Some have more than one program to choose from.

17 Who offers Incentives? Some are: NYSERDA NYPA

18 Who offers Incentives? Also: National Grid & EPACT

19 What can you expect? Each situation is unique Some factors are: Type of existing fixtures Hours of operation Use of controls (such as motion sensors)

20 How good can it get? While not typical, for one manufacturing customer we were able to: Secure over $150,000 in Incentives Reduce the annual energy usage by more than 1.3 mega Watt Hours Qualify for tax deductions

21 What can you expect? It is possible that your facility could benefit even more & The benefits of proper illumination are well documented

22 Benefits of Proper Lighting Better Productivity Fewer Errors Safer working environment Less absenteeism

23 How to Contact Us Telephone: 315.432.9413 ask for Joe Lormand Email: Web Page:

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