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End-to-End Solutions For Organizing MEDICAL CONFERENCES.

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2 End-to-End Solutions For Organizing MEDICAL CONFERENCES


4 Backdrop

5 Back Drop


7 Entrance Arch

8 Road side Arch

9 Banner

10 Program Schedule Banner

11 Roadside Banners

12 Standee

13 Balloon Decorations

14 Danglers Decoration

15 Standee Decoration

16 Entrance Standee

17 Welcome Standee

18 Registration Table Mask

19 Podium Mask

20 Organizing needs SPECIAL EXPERTISE Any conference involves organizing and coordinating at a number of levels. While everyone is an expert in a chosen field, organizing and managing an event may not be one’s core competence. When a single mistake could cascade into a disaster, event management is best left to experts.

21 Call in The EXPERT We have over 15 years of experience in the Healthcare field. We provide turn-key solutions for all event. Our end-to-end event management solutions are smooth, impeccable, first lass & cost effective. Our 12 member team is highly charged and has vast experience. From planning to tying up the loose ends we provide the complete package. Expertise and professional approach is evident in every step.

22 Unique EDGE Healthcare is our special focus. We are fluent in medical terminologies. We understand the sector and the professionals in the field. We are experienced enough to anticipate the needs. Our comprehensive solutions cover the entire spectrum of needs of a medical event. We deliver customized solutions that have a lasting impact. Collaterals to websites we provide everything.

23 Certificate

24 Passes

25 ID Cards


27 Badge

28 Mementos

29 Others

30 SERVICES Invites to ID cards Websites to advertisements Backdrops to standees Delegate kits to mementoes Designing to Execution (production) Truly a 360 degree service

31 STRENGTHS Convenient combination of Creative + Production strength 24 x 7 service support Impeccable quality delivery Strict adherence to timelines One stop solution

32 Thank You


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