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The RYKO Story Formed in 1973

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2 The RYKO Story Formed in 1973
Larry Klein - Jim Nelson - Started business in a two car garage in Des Moines, IA. Engineered, manufactured, installed and serviced “better”car wash equipment for the petroleum and later investor market. 34 years and three factories later RYKO is the largest car wash equipment manufacturer in North America and second largest in the world!

3 RYKO Product Line The Industry’s Most Complete Offering
Touchfree Rollovers Elite High Impact Ultra Sonic 2001 Silhouette US2001 OHD Liberty Friction Rollover Voyager II - filament or cloth Premier XL Premier Plus Filament, Cloth or FoamBrite™ SoftGloss XS with FoamBrite™ SoftGloss XS 2 with FoamBrite™ Excel and Excel Lite Drive Thru Nova 2000 Nova Plus Ultra Shine DT with FoamBrite™ Truck Wash R-168 Friction Atlantis Touchfree Atlas Friction Conveyor Velvet Touch 2000 Flex Serve Conveyor Optima Vista Series Delta Series Filament, Cloth & FoamBrite™ Self Service Signature Series Self Serve Jet Wash 2000 Accessories Management and Payment Systems Code-A-Wash IV Diagnostic Center AMTT Payment Terminal AMTT CS Payment Terminal

4 Accessories / Chemicals
Spot Free water treatment systems RYKOZONE Ozone system EnviR/O Water reclaim systems Free standing dryers Vacuums Automatic Car Wash Bay Doors Variety of other options and accessories Detergents for friction machines Scented and unscented Chemical pre-soaks for touch free systems Polish waxes Clear Coat Wax Tire Cleaners Under-car protectants Powder and liquid detergents for self service

5 RYKO US Market Share RYKO RYKO 80% 35% RYKO US Rollovers 35%
US Conveyors Over 9,500 Units Throughout USA! US Touch Free

6 75 Countries – 4,600 Installed Machine Base
RYKO International 75 Countries – 4,600 Installed Machine Base

7 Ryko International Limited
Tom Carleton VP Marketing Far East, SEA, Aust. NZ Phil Braziel Int’l Sales Mgr. J. Nieuwenhuize Europe, Middle East Tony Braida Canada, CCA Mexico, L.A R. Vico Iberia, No. Africa Ryko France Ryko UK Ryko Italia


9 RYKO International Sales, Marketing and Technical Support
Headquarters – United States International Sales Manager Global Sales Regional Manager Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & Latin America Technical Support- 2 Staff Export Operations- 2 Staff Fluent Languages Spanish (2), Italian, Portuguese, English

10 Regional Office - Goes, Netherlands
Regional Manager Europe (Expect RYKO Italia area), Middle East Technical Support Fluent Languages Dutch, French, Spanish, German, English

11 Regional Office - Morano Po, Italy
Marketing Territory Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Balkans, Turkey Technical Support 6 Staff Export Operations 3 Staff Fluent Languages Italian (5), French (5), English, Spanish

12 Ryko Italia Morano sul Po, Italy

13 * * 45 20 15 600 175 15 90 5 Europe 30 10 * Total 2,590 30 * 5 900 425 30 25 45 125

14 Asia Pacific 25 50 15 Total 415 80 65 15 120 45

15 Australia New Zealand AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND Total 875 625 250

16 Mexico, CCA & Latin America
175 40 120

17 Middle East Africa 65 125

18 CANADA Total 750

19 Premier Family


21 Sport

22 Touchfree

23 Conveyors Optima Vista Vista Plus Super Vista Delta Delta Plus

24 Up to 130 cars/hour Buildings


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