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A Tale of Two Redesigns John Squires, Chattanooga State Community College.

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1 A Tale of Two Redesigns John Squires, Chattanooga State Community College

2 Cleveland State Redesign 3 Developmental Math Classes Basic Math, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra Emporium Model, Mastery Learning 7 College Math Classes College Algebra, Finite Math, Statistics (1 + 2) Precalculus I & II, Applied Trig, Business Calculus (2 + 1) Emporium Model, Mastery Learning Scheduling Benefits Continuous Enrollment Plan One Room Schoolhouse Math on Demand

3 Cleveland State Redesign Part II Weekly Expectations Avoid “night before the test” syndrome Keep students working throughout semester Mastery Learning Students keep working until they “get it” Failing is part of the learning process Points for Everything Everything is mandatory Turns course into a “to-do” list

4 Cleveland State Results Update Developmental Math Basic Math increased slightly 48% before to 53% after (still needs work) Elementary Algebra increased from 52% before to 67% after Intermediate Algebra increased from 55% before to 71% after College Level Math College Algebra increased from 65% before to 77% after Introductory Statistics decreased slightly 79% before to 73% after Finite Math increased from 75% before to 89% after Precalculus I increased from 55% before to 75% after Precalculus II increased slightly from 75% before to 81% after Business Calculus I increased slightly 69% before to 71% after Doing More with Less Math department has grown 40% since redesign (from 1100- to 1500+) Redesign project reduced instructional costs by approximately 20% College retention increased by 7% in Spring 2009 ($400K revenue) Number of students passing a math course increased by 60+%

5 Much Ado About Something TBR Study (Schutz & Tingle) - Cleveland State Redesign ◦ Students tracked 3 semesters before and after redesign ◦ Students tracked from dev math into college math ◦ Examine impact on course success & next course success ◦ Logistical regression, significance level 95% The Results ◦ Redesign had a strong positive impact on course success ◦ Redesign had a strong positive impact on next course success, including both dev math and college math ◦ Gender and race were not factors in predicting course success - achievement gaps were closed I believe that mastery learning is the critical missing link in the education of low achievers. Patricia K. Cross, 1976 Accent on Learning

6 Chattanooga State Redesign Developmental Math 2 Algebra Courses - Basic Math Integrated Throughout Emporium Model, Mastery Learning, 1 + 2 Format MyMathLab, Mini Lectures, Videos, Course Workbook College Math Contemporary Math, College Algebra Statistics, Pre-calculus I & II, Calculus I MyMathLab, Resources in Courses Early Returns Intermediate Algebra 65% S2009, 67% F2010 96 students completed two courses Fall 2010 Enrollment increase of 20+%, Cost/FTE reduced by 20+% More students in college math than developmental math

7 Can I Get a Witness? What the Students Say  Math is less boring than online gaming!  When I do math, I don’t have to smoke! What the Teachers Say  “I saw more smiling faces and got more hugs these past few days than I have gotten the whole 21 years I have been at Chattanooga State. I like seeing students happy about math.”

8 And Finally… The story of Lawrence  Before Redesign and After Redesign  “I’ve decided that I like math.” The story of Lakeisha  Before Redesign and After Redesign  “Let me show you how I learned that.” Questions? John Squires

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