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: Susan Barbitta Donna Lemons Guilford Technical Community College.

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1 : Susan Barbitta Donna Lemons Guilford Technical Community College


3 Research Redesign Restage Routine Results Readiness

4  North Central North Carolina  4 Campuses  20,000 Curriculum Students  25,000 Con Ed Students  Developmental Math ◦ 56 Faculty and Staff ◦ ~7,500 Developmental Math Students/Year

5  The Problem The Problem


7 Now they’ll look like this.

8  Principle #1 ◦ Redesign the entire course  Principle #2 ◦ Encourage active learning  Principle #3 ◦ Provide students with individualized assistance NCAT Redesign Principles The National Center for Academic Transformation

9  Principle #4 ◦ Build in ongoing assessment and prompt (automated) feedback  Principle #5 ◦ Ensure sufficient time on task and monitor student progress  Principle #6 ◦ Modularize the student learning experience, especially in developmental math. NCAT Redesign Principles The National Center for Academic Transformation

10  Essential Mathematics – Modules 1-3  Introductory Algebra – Modules 1,4,5  Intermediate Algebra – Modules 6,7,8  Most non-STEM programs require mods 1 -5

11  The new curriculum is : Modular Can be completed in one year or less Flexible to allow students to complete at a pace appropriate to their individual needs Rich in conceptual instruction

12  Three 4 credit courses Eight 1 credit modules  Pass or start overPick up where you left off  Work through all the Credit given for concepts content previously mastered  Fixed paceFlexible Pace  One course/semesterAbility to complete more than one course/semester

13 o 150 person Math Emporium* o 4 classes running concurrently o 25 walk-in o 40 person testing center o 30 person Math Emporium o 1 class of 24 and 6 walk-in o 80 person Math Emporium o 2 classes running concurrently o 15 person Math Emporium

14  Mon.-Thurs. 7am – 9pm, Fri. 7am -3pm, and Sat. 9-1pm  Flipped Classroom o Students work on homework assignments, take tests and quizzes  All campuses have blocks on the computers so students can only work on Math

15  Fixed class time ◦ 3-4 hours/week with an instructor of record ◦ A minimum of 2 additional online hours required/wk  For each class of 35 students: ◦ One instructor ◦ One professional tutor/student tutor  Additional tutors first two weeks and the last week

16  All units start with the pre-test o Linked to homework  85% or higher-student proceeds to next unit pretest  Less than 85%-student works through the module

17 ‣Take a pre-test o Credit given for objectives previously mastered ‣MML video (optional) ‣Workbook exercises ‣MML homework ‣MML quiz ‣MML Module test

18  Training in the online chosen software  Work through selected sections of the new course  Consistency amongst instructors  Academic Coaching  How to keep students on track

19  Explain how to progress through the course ◦ Detail these procedures in your syllabi  Drive through the online software together ◦ How/when to watch videos ◦ How to review a quiz ◦ How to access the e-book  Outline the cost & time savings ◦ Less math is needed for most majors

20  Knowing where your students are in the course  Soft due dates  Personal contact with every student weekly  Assignment completion times  Completion Schedule  Weekly emails

21  Cost savings: ◦ College ~17% per student ◦ Student - $300-$1500  Mastery Based o No academic gaps  On-demand instruction  Acceleration and remediation within the same course o Students can complete more than one course per semester









30 “I like it because you get to skip sections that you already know how to do.” “I hate to feel like I have to work at someone else’s pace. This course gives me the ability to learn the way I learn.” “I like that you can go at your own pace. I just do not like how one teacher shows you one way to a problem and you get it and then another teacher comes behind that teacher with a different way and it confuses me.”**.

31 “I feel like all of my class time is being used instead of getting lectured and being lost.” “I really like the individualized attention that the teachers give. They are always available to answer your questions.” “I like that you can complete this course at your own speed and not the speed of the class. With this rate I am able to comprehend more.”

32 And faculty say…. The good, the bad, and the ugly….. Change is hard!!

33 “At first, I didn’t know what to think, but I didn’t think I was going to like it.” “It can be challenging teaching 3 levels of Math all at the same time.” Faculty comments:

34 “It’s great seeing students really understanding the material.” “I like the ‘on-demand’ teaching that takes place. The student actually listens to me.” “Students learn by doing, not watching. Now they are more responsible for what they learn and how quickly they learn it.”


36 Susan Barbitta 336-334-4822 x50032 Donna Lemons 336-334-4822 x500xx

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