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Holy Land Pilgrimage Day One – B Monday November 5 th, 2012.

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1 Holy Land Pilgrimage Day One – B Monday November 5 th, 2012

2 Just a mile away is the Holocaust Memorial: Yad Vashem


4 Carob Memorials Gentiles who have shown grace to the Jews have Carob trees by their markers. The Carob tree provides an even healthier alternative to chocolate. The symbolism is that they are remembered for making the life of the Jews more sweet in bitter times.


6 Ceremonial area of Yad Vashem for dignitaries of state. Yad Vahem means “Be familiar with (remember) the names”.

7 To honor those who resist.

8 To honor those who perished without the ability to resist.

9 The main monument begins in darkness and ends in light with the Holy Land in view.


11 The thought is that struggle leads to light.

12 Theodore Herzl was the leader of the Zionist movement after World War II.

13 He died in Vienna but his remains were brought to Israel.

14 The children’s memorial.

15 One descends into darkness where mirrors and light produce millions of points of light. The names of the children who died in the Holocaust are continuously read so that their names are never forgotten.



18 Rachel’s Tomb from Palestinian side.

19 West Bank Wall 350 miles long. 30 feet high. In the case of Rachel’s tomb, the wall was deliberately extended to wrap around the synagogue that houses the tomb.




23 Countryside of Old Bethlehem

24 Church of the Nativity

25 Note how the door got smaller and smaller over time…

26 To keep enemies of the faith from riding animals into the sanctuary.

27 Construction made pretty good use of natural lighting.

28 The Greek Orthodox Church tries to maintain historicity by not updating or remodeling. In the case of this structure, the leaks actually are destroying the historical nature of the church over time.


30 Pictures preached the story of Jesus and His birth.

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