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Christianity World History - LHS.

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1 Christianity World History - LHS

2 Historical Jesus Religion centered on life, teachings of Jesus
Called “The Christ”, which means “Annointed One” Jesus was a Jewish rabbi born around 4 AD His ministry (teachings) lasted about 3 years Traveled, spoke to crowds Performed miracles, including healing sick Taught in parables (like Confucius)

3 Historical Jesus Claimed to speak as a prophet, with the authority of Yahweh (angered people) Arrested, handed over to the Romans as a revolutionary (“King of the Jews”) Crucifixion was cause of death of Jesus (punishment for common criminal) Resurrection: 3 days post crucifix. = tomb empty! (appearances) Christians believed he continued to teach until he ascended to Heaven

4 Christianity: The Early Years
“Christianity ” started as a Jewish sect; it remained limited to Hebrews until about 100 AD, when the Church became open to gentiles (non-Jews) Early Christians were willing to die for three beliefs Jesus = son of God Death & Resurrection God’s love is infinite

5 Roman Persecution Emperor Nero (64-68 AD) blamed Roman fire on Christians & was first emperor to persecute Systematic murder, crucifixion, of Christians Other Emperors prohibited citizens from converting to Christianity

6 Adoption of Christianity by Rome
In 313 AD, Emperor Constantine announced toleration of Christianity Christianity spread quickly, from its scattered beginnings to the entire Roman Empire From Dark Blue = 325 AD To Light Blue = 600 AD

7 Types of Christians Today
Roman Catholics – most common “Christian” (1.1 billion) Pope traces lineage to apostle Peter Based in Rome Eastern Orthodox (Greek / Russian) (233 million) Leader was ER Emperor Later, became patriarch of Constantinople

8 Types of Christians Protestants disagreed with Catholic Church over abuses & corruption; broke away after 1520 (381 million) Lutherans Calvinism Anglican Baptists Evangelicals Quakers Non-denominational

9 Beliefs of Christianity
Monotheistic Faith Catholics believe that God is 3 aspects in 1 Father Son Holy Spirit Protestants = less or no Holy Spirit Other Christians = more about “son” and less about Father or Spirit Catholic Interpretation of Trinity

10 Beliefs of Christianity
Jesus as son of God (savior of mankind) Jesus’ teachings as guide for people to live their lives Most important: God’s love is infinite Second most imp: People should love their neighbor Belief in (actual) Resurrection (symbol – eternal life) Belief in prayer All Christians pray to God Catholics & O.C = Saints Shroud of Turin

11 Beliefs of Christians Church is God’s Body on Earth, but man is flawed; therefore sin is possible among priests Baptism required as commitment to Christian faith (infants / adults) Eucharist – ritual of last supper of Jesus, disciples (transubstantiation – big disagreement!)

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