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Project: Greatest Pyramid of All Time Presented by Hemiunu Architect, and Nephew of King Khufu.

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1 Project: Greatest Pyramid of All Time Presented by Hemiunu Architect, and Nephew of King Khufu

2 Objectives  Build the tallest stone structure in the world  The most magnificent pyramid to be built yet  Will serve as a royal tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu  A masterpiece of mathematics and engineering  Biggest project ever!

3 Project Timeline & Location  Construction should be complete within 20 years.  Location: On top of a limestone plateau.  The building site has been chosen for its proximity to the limestone quarries.

4 Design

5 Workers  We considered recruitment of Israelites, or extraterrestrials. We also received work offers from the residents of Atlantis.  All above options were ruled out.  There will be no need to employ slaves or aliens from another planet.  Enough free Egyptian workers are available for conscription. Their service for the King will help them pay their taxes.

6 Skills Needed  A wide range of skills, from management to craftspeople:  Overseers  High priests  Engineers and designers  Potters, weavers and carpenters  Quarrymen and stonemasons  Doctors  Water carriers, bakers and fishermen  And many more…

7 Responsibilities  Each team will receive clear instructions on their responsibilities. For example:  #1. Pyramid designers and engineers will ensure the pyramid rises evenly and uniformly, and the design has perfect precision and perfect angles.

8 Responsibilities (Cont.)  #2. High priests will provide guidance using esoteric knowledge about, for example, the burial chambers, or alignment of the shafts with certain stars.  #3. The Masons, at the end of the 19th year into the project, will commence to smooth out the pyramid’s surface. That will transform the rough stone into a gleaming white monument worthy of a pharaoh. It’s expected to take a full year — the final year.

9 Materials  Limestone (quarried onsite)  Granite (to be shipped from the city of Swenett)  Total estimate: 2,300,000 blocks  An average of 315 blocks will be placed every day.

10 Tools  Latest technology: Copper chisels, drills and saws.  Hard-stone pounders, granite hammers and sledges.  And of course, a lot of brute force.

11 Work Environment  Total workforce of 25000 employees is required. They’ll be divided into teams of 1000 workers.  E.g. ‘The Drunkards of Khufu’ team, or ‘The Friends of the Pharaoh' team.  Meals provided will include loaves of bread, beer, meat, fish (fresh from the Nile).  Accommodation for all workers will be arranged in settlements around the construction site.  Medical care (treatment and amputations) is available in case of work injuries.

12 Challenges  Special measures will be taken to protect against tomb robbers (solution: plug passageways with granite blocks).  The enormous weight above the burial chamber might cause it to collapse (solution: build stress-relieving chambers above it with granite beams to distribute the weight)  Many other challenges still remain, like transporting granite blocks by boats on the Nile to the building site.

13 In brief…  Our ancestors have been building pyramids for hundreds of years but this one is different.  This pyramid will be a testament to the glory of our civilization, and will evoke great admiration from future generations.

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