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From Mt. Carmel--Note local airfields. Nazareth Closer view of Nazareth.

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1 From Mt. Carmel--Note local airfields

2 Nazareth

3 Closer view of Nazareth

4 Plateau of Golan Heights

5 Village in Golan Heights--east of Galilee Sea

6 Top of Mt. Arbel looking North

7 Plain of Gennesaret

8 Church of the Beatitudes

9 Looking north toward Lebanon

10 Trenches/Bunkers

11 Banias - Caesarea Philippi

12 Syria to left and UN to the right

13 New Syria City after 1967

14 Syria beyond the citrus

15 The Roads to Damascus and Amman!

16 Beit Shean

17 Beit Shean Theater

18 Caves of Qumran

19 Qumran Cave

20 Fortress at top of Masada

21 Masada-terraces

22 Another view of Masada-terraces

23 Masada- Armaments

24 Siege Ramp to Masada

25 Dead Sea from Masada

26 Jericho and Church on Hill

27 Jericho--Looking East

28 Old Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives

29 Old Jerusalem

30 Closer view of the Old City

31 Dome of the Rock

32 From the South wall looking at the Mt of Olives

33 St. Stephen's Gate to Old Jerusalem

34 The Western wall to the Holy of Holies

35 The Wailing Wall

36 Travel between Israeli enclave and Arab area is controlled. Entrance to Bethlehem

37 Skull hill at the Garden Tomb

38 Garden Tomb

39 Looking toward Jerusalem and beyond to Masada and Dead Sea to the SE from Nebi Samwil (Mt. Samuel) with Israeli enclave in foreground

40 Looking toward Sea of Galilee to the NE from Mt. Samuel

41 Looking toward Tel Aviv in the distance with Jewish enclave in foreground

42 Israeli enclave within the West Bank with fortified walls

43 Another view


45 Closer view of Wall in prior picture

46 Tel Lachish

47 David-Goliath

48 Final instructions for David before meeting Goliath

49 Spectators !

50 Spectators start to gather for David-Goliath battle

51 The battle is about to begin--Goliath

52 Goliath--note new hat!

53 Spectators really getting "warmed-up!"

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