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Bethlehem, distant view from southwest Bethlehem, general view from southwest.

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2 Bethlehem, distant view from southwest

3 Bethlehem, general view from southwest

4 Bethlehem from southwest

5 Caravan route to Bethlehem, suggestive of wise men

6 Bethlehem, camel rider approaching in twilight

7 Bethlehem, man on donkey

8 Bethlehem, Well of Magi

9 Bethlehem, well that David longed for

10 Bethlehem, Well of David

11 Bethlehem, country roadway near city

12 Mountain path to Bethlehem

13 Bethlehem, showing Church of Nativity

14 Bethlehem from southwest with camel

15 Bethlehem from south, man drawing water at well

16 Bethlehem with Herodium in distance


18 Bethlehem, general view

19 Bethlehem, Nativity Church, and Herodium from belfry

20 Bethlehem, Church of Nativity under snow

21 Vineyards and olive groves near Bethlehem

22 Bethlehem, Swedish hospital, Beit Jala in distance

23 Beit Jala

24 Olive groves near Bethlehem

25 Bethlehem, Rachel's Tomb

26 Bethlehem, Rachel's Tomb, on road near Bethlehem

27 Bethlehem, gate

28 Bethlehem marketplace


30 Bethlehem from Church of Nativity

31 Bethlehem well, animals being watered

32 Bethlehem, market in front of church at night

33 Bethlehem, Milk Grotto

34 Bethlehem street

35 Bethlehem, main street

36 Bethlehem, main street

37 Bethlehem, street in oldest part of town

38 Bethlehem, sunlit street of old homes

39 Threshing floor near Fields of Boaz, grain piles

40 Winnowing near Bethlehem, story of Ruth and Boaz

41 Bethlehem, Field of Boaz, sheep in harvested fields

42 Fields of Boaz, reaper in fields

43 Bethlehem Shepherds' Field and Herodium

44 Bethlehem Shepherds' Fields

45 Bethlehem Shepherds' Field, grotto

46 Shepherds' Fields, flock with Bethlehem in distance

47 Bethlehem, Christmas Day, shepherd with sheep

48 Bethlehem, shepherds and flocks in foreground

49 Bethlehem, shepherd with flock

50 Bethlehem from southwest with sheep

51 Bethlehem, shepherds with flock

52 Bethlehem, home in oldest part of town

53 Bethlehem, courtyard of old home

54 Bethlehem, home partly in cave

55 Bethlehem, parents and baby

56 Native home near Bethlehem


58 This presentation is taken from The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection, Volume 3, Southern Palestine, which is copyrighted 2009 by Todd Bolen. Permission is given to use these images freely for personal and educational purposes. Commercial use requires written permission. For more high-quality, high-resolution photographs and illustrations of biblical sites, purchase the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands ( or the Historic Views of the Holy Land series ( Pictorial Library of Bible Lands Historic Views of the Holy Land Other presentations on the Southern Palestine CD include: For more details about this volume, go to: The original source of these images is the G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection at the U.S. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, online at Bethlehem.ppt Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity.ppt Dead Sea, Mining Operations.ppt Dead Sea, Qumran and En Gedi.ppt Dead Sea, Western Side.ppt Hebron.ppt Jericho.ppt Jordan River.ppt Judean Hill Country.ppt Lod and Ramle.ppt Masada.ppt Negev.ppt Philistine Cities.ppt Shephelah.ppt Shephelah, Beth Guvrin.ppt Shephelah, Beth Shemesh.ppt Shephelah, Tell Beit Mirsim.ppt Solomon's Pools.ppt Wilderness.ppt

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