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Achieving DevOps Nirvana | | Copyright 2015.

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1 Achieving DevOps Nirvana | @activestate | | Copyright 2015

2 The pace of change in our economy is accelerating remorselessly

3 “Technological progress in the twenty-first century will be equivalent to two hundred centuries of year 2000 progress” - Ray Kurzweil The Law of Accelerating Returns

4 “Software is eating the world” - Marc Andreessen

5 “By 2018, one-third of the top 20 market share leaders in most industries will be significantly disrupted by competitors that use the 3 rd Platform to create new services and business models.”


7 The Impact of the Third Platform

8 San Francisco taxi trips down 65% over past 15 months

9 Uber 3X Taxi Revenues in 5 Years

10 The DevOps Vision

11 “There's a new trend called "devops" that is sweeping the enterprise IT world and its become a life-or-death career situation for many IT departments…Like the manufacturers were in the 1970s and 1980s were fighting for their lives, today's IT departments are going to fight for their survival.” - Jim Whitehurst CEO, Red Hat

12 Time-to-Market Acceleration Experimentation Rapid Prototyping Flexible Partnering IoT/IoS Support Business Agility

13 Polyglot Enablement DevOps Automation API Support Microservices Architecture Blue-Green Deployment Application Scaling and Elasticity PaaS Technical Innovation

14 Docker Foundation Language and Stack Neutral Lightweight Hybrid Cloud with AWS, VMware, & OpenStack Late Binding Deployment Common Application Design and Operations Infrastructure Choice

15 Business Agility Infrastructure Choice Technical Innovation DevOps

16 DevOps Nirvana

17 Culture is for Yogurt Culture is an output, not an input Common organization with a nearby boss Shared metrics foundation of collaboration High-level sponsorship

18 Don’t Build the New Legacy Smart person + 3 years: “How’s that system work?” Future-proof your application pipeline Seek commercial product or commercially-supported OSS product

19 Bi-Modal IT Type 1 ITType 2 IT StableAgile LegacyGreenfield Traditional ArchitectureNext-Gen Architecture ProprietaryOpen Source & SaaS Cost SqueezeInvestment

20 Innovation Lab Separate Organization Accelerate Adoption of New Technologies Exploration via New Skills and Employees Integration Process Defined

21 IT DomainBefore StackatoAfter Stackato Resource deploymentWeeks500% improvement Polyglot supportJava only10+ languages/stacks Application prototyping8+ weeks1 day New application releaseInfrequentConstant PartneringDisconnectedCustom applications API exposureNoneMultiple IoT initiativeImpossibleAWS-based F500 Wireless Component Company

22 IT DomainBefore DevOpsAfter DevOps Application lifecycleMonthsWeeks Polyglot supportJava only10+ languages/stacks Integration of Innovation Lab with mainstream IT LimitedStructured Attractiveness to new developers MinimalSignificant Financial Services Company

23 In Conclusion IT’s future role vastly different than in the past Applications are changing dramatically Third Platform requires agility, innovation, and choice @bernardgolden

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