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Review of Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

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1 Review of Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

2 What kind of food/ fruit do you like?

3 tomato, salt, strawberry, fish, honey, watermelon, salad, mutton, teaspoon, milk, chicken, yogurt, tea, bread, sandwich, onion, butter, sauce A : countable nouns B : uncountable nouns c tomato strawberry watermelon teaspoon sandwich salt, honey mutton, milk yogurt tea, bread butter, sauce fish, salad chicken onion

4 How to make a fruit salad? Ingredients and amounts: some fresh fruits (What kind of fruit and how many do we need?) some honey (two teaspoons) (How much do we need?) some yogurt (a cup) (How much do you need?)

5 How to make the fruit salad? First : Next : Then : Finally : cut up … put … in a bowl put … in mix … up

6 How to make a fruit salad? Ingredients and amounts

7 Make a conversation like this.

8 Do you remember how to use “How many” and “How much”? 1. water do you put into the noodles? 2. tomatoes does he put into salad? 3. yogurt do we need? 4. apples are there in the milk shake? 6. students are there in your classroom? 5. fish do you want ? 7. ________cups of honey do you put in the salad? 8. ________ are your new shoes? 9. _______ do you know about Chinese history?

9 Say the instructions of making a banana mile shake. First, ______________ Then, ______________ Now, ______________ Then, ______________ Next,______________ Finally, ____________ Words about order.

10 Verb phrases in this unit turn on, cut up, put…into…, pour…into..., mix up, 1.turn on, cut up, mix up 的宾语如是名词的话,可以放中间 或后面, 如 turn on the TV, turn the TV on 等。如果是 it 或 them 的话,则一定要放中间。如 turn it on, cut them up. 2. 一般地, put 固体 into 容器, pour 液体 into 容器 3. turn on 打开(电器的开关) turn off 关闭 turn up 调高(音量,光线等) turn down 调低 ON OFF turn up turn down

11 practice 1. Retell how to make popper corn First, …. Next, …. Then, …. Finally, ….

12 practice Put the recipe in order. a. Boil the noodles b. Cut up the tomatoes and beef. c. Add salt to the noodles d. Eat the noodles. e. Add the ingredients to the noodles. b a e c d Retell it with order words.

13 What do you like to put in your sandwich? In my sandwich, I’d like some _________.

14 How do you make a turkey sandwich? 1. Say the ingredients in the order 2. Say the amount according to the picture. 3. Retell the recipe.

15 How do you make a turkey sandwich? 4. Check your recipe with the books give. Note: a slice of bread on the top.

16 Write your own recipe. 1. Go through the sample turkey, finally, relish, tomato, then, put Here’s a recipe for ….

17 Write your own recipe. 2. Write a recipe for your favorite food. Here’s a recipe for a great ________. beginning body First,… Then, … Next, … Finally, … ending It’s easy, isn’t it? It’s easy, you can have a try. What ingredients do you need? How many / much do you need?

18 1. I want to watch the ball game. Can you _______ the TV? A. open B. close C. turn on D. turn off 2. The meat is too big. Let’s cut ______. A. them up B. it up C. up them D. up it 3. _______ the books in the bookcase, Jerry. A. Put B. To put C. Putting D. Puts 4. Look! There are ________ on the desk. A. four cup of tea B. four cup of teas C. four cups of teas D. four cups of tea 5. —_______ are the mushrooms? —Two yuan a kilo. A. How much B. How many C. What D. How C B A D A

19 6. —Would you like some yogurt? —_______. A. Yes, I would B. No, thanks C. Thank you D. It doesn’t matter 7. —How much yogurt do we need? —We need ______. A. oneB. two C. one cup D. two cup 8. Here is a ______ for a great beef sandwich! A. wayB. recipe C. idea D. bowl 9. _______, cut up two apples, then put them into the blender. Finally turn on the blender. A. And B. Next C. First D. Then 10. You _____ get up so early, but you must go to work on time. A. mustn’t B. have to C. may D. needn’t B C B C D

20 单词拼写 1. Many d______ are swimming in the small river. 2. Please add some r______ when you are cooking. 3. Mr Li gives them some i____________ about the exam. 4. Turn on the b__________ to make orange juice. 5. P______ the oranges before we eat them. 6. I like ___________(tomato) and ________(chicken). 7. Oh, it ________(rain) last night, so the ground is wet now. 8. Tom is a little _________(strong) than Mike. 9. The teacher made the boy _______(clean) the classroom by himself yesterday. 10. He wants ________(know) what ________(do) next time. ucks elish ngridients lender eel tomatoeschicken rained stronger clean to know to do

21 句型转换 1. They need yogurt. ( 改为否定句 ) They _______ _______ yogurt. 2. We need one teaspoon of butter. ( 对画线部分提问 ) _______ _______ ________ do you need? 3. I can help you with your English. ( 改为祈使句 ) _______ _______ help you with your English. 4. Play the piano like this. ( 改为否定句 ) _______ _______the piano like this. 5. Please use the knife to cut up the apple. ( 改为同义句 ) Please _______ _______ the apple ______ the knife. don’t need How much butter Let me Don’t play cut up with

22 句子翻译 1. 请把酸奶倒进杯子里。 Please _______ the yogurt _______ the glass. 2. 然后放入两汤匙柠檬和一杯酸奶。 _______ pour in ____ ________ ____ lemon and ___ ____ ___yogurt. 3. 我不知道怎么玩这个游戏。 I don’t know _______ ______ play the game. 4. 请放些鸡肉片在这个三明治上。 Please put some chicken ______ ______ the sandwich. 5. 我们需要多少食盐? How ______ ______ do we need? pour into Then two teaspoons of a cup of how to slices on much salt

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