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Life like a Candle...shines Bright... for what is a brief moment.

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1 Life like a Candle...shines Bright... for what is a brief moment


3 You ask yourself what can you do ?...

4 ‘Prayer’ emerges a a a fervent wish... to stop the fear, the terror, the violence

5 What we can do to honor life instead of destroying it?.”... You ask yourself “How can we open to a greater vision?

6 “One Life Alliance is a vision that offers a new possibility. “Our success as human beings depends how we interact with each other.”

7 “All human beings come from the same source. We are all one family.” Saadi, Persian Poet

8 Our Message Life is ultimate value. Without it, we have nothing. Honor the sacredness of life. First, honor life in yourself. Second, honor life in everyone. Third, honor life in all and everything... the manifest universe that surrounds us.

9 Let us join together to create a new outcome

10 What would the world look like if people everywhere honored their own life and the lives of everyone they meet ?

11 A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that has. Margaret Mead

12 Honour the Sacredness of Life

13 In Memoriam In Memoriam, Alan Scherr & Naomi Scherr In Memoriam, Alan Scherr & Naomi Scherr

14 Forgiveness – A bridge to peace Forgiveness does not change the past but it does change the present. Forgiveness is a skill you can learn. Forgiveness is a choice.

15 Release the past The more anger you carry in your heart about your past, the less capable you will be of loving in your present. Forgiveness is for you – a gift you give to yourself. Has nothing to do with the other. It’s about releasing the past and that will heal our hurts.

16 Forgiveness exercise Know what your feelings are about what happened. Be clear about the action that has wronged you. Share your experience with at least one or two trusted people.

17 Why forgiveness is beneficial Forgiveness is good for us and good for our community. Forgiveness is our assertion that we are not victims of the past. No one’s past has to be a prison sentence. Forgiveness provides the key to acknowledge the past and move on.

18 Building strength Student leaders of Oneness and Peace honor the sacredness of life as our highest value. Forgiveness builds strength by opening up space to give forth of ourselves with love. This is how we transform ourselves and then can transform our world. We are each leaders of ourselves by the choices we make. Who do you choose to be?

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