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Odyssey Thesis Paper Tutorial

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1 Odyssey Thesis Paper Tutorial

2 Regular paper prompt- : The concept of a hero has been interpreted in many ways throughout the ages. One literary hero who seems to stand the test of time is Odysseus. In an organized essay, write about two of Odysseus's traits that, you feel, make him a hero. Character Trait 1 Trait 2 Odysseus List of Adjectives Heroic Intelligent Deceptive Strong Wise Loyalty Determined Pride Leadership

3 Your Essay Outline: 1 Introduction = Hook, introduce Title of epic plus author. Write a 2 sentence summary and then, write Thesis Statement (Give 3 changes within the character of your choice.) Body P 1: 1st Character trait. Body P 2: 2nd Character trait. 5 Conclusion

4 Introduction Paragraph
Checklist Introduction Paragraph Attention Getter Title of work and author (topic sentence) Brief summary of the work. Thesis statement Introduction is at least 4 to 6 sentences

5 Strategies for Composing Hooks or Opening Statements:
Use a vivid quotation Create a visual image that represents your subject Create an analogy for your subject Offer a surprising/interesting statistic or other fact State an opinion related to your thesis Ask a question or define a word central to your subject (Note= Use these techniques very sparingly and cautiously, as they may be considered cliché)

6 Topic Sentence & summary (title, author, summary)
The Giver, by Lois Lowry is a story about a boy who begins to question the world around him; and when he does he learns that nothing in his world is what it seems. “The Tell-tale Heart”, by Edgar Allen Poe is a story about a criminal who’s guilt becomes so great that he eventually goes mad and turns himself in. “The Odyssey, ” by Homer is an epic poem about….

7 What is a Thesis Statement
What is a Thesis Statement? A thesis statement is an argument or a hypothesis, the “main” point of your work; an unproved statement, especially one serving as a foundation in a paper or project. It is typically the last or second to last sentence of your introduction. Functions and Purposes of a Thesis Statement. • To announce the topic to the reader • To reflect a judgment about the topic • To provide the reader with a blueprint for what is to come in the paper

8 An Example Paragraph: Thesis =
The Odyssey, by Homer is an epic poem about a hero’s perilous ten year journey home after the Trojan war. There are several character traits that make Odysseus an ideal hero. Through Odysseus Homer teaches us what a true hero should be like by contrasting Odysseus with his men. Thesis = Unlike his men, Odysseus for example is loyal, determined and intelligent.

9 Thesis Statement Examples
Critique Odysseus has many personality traits that show up multiple times throughout this book, including cleverness, self restraint, and bravery. What do cleverness, self restraint and bravery earn O? Why are they significant? Take this nice structure beyond observation to analysis... Stories are told about heroes to inspire people to reach beyond their potentials. Odysseus the hero of The Odyssey inspires readers mainly through his heroic traits of refusing temptation, using intelligence over strength, and staying loyal to his wife. A solid statement! However body paragraphs 1 and 3 (refusing temptation and staying loyal) are too similar. Choose a different third argument. Odysseus, on the contrary to many popular readings should not be considered a hero because his pride inevitabally costs him his crew, almost compromises his relationship with his wife and almost costs him his own life. This sounds like a strong argument in the making, but this is very wordy. Split this sentence up and reword it for clarity. So What?! Focus Too Wordy

10 Outline for Your Thesis Paper
1 Introduction/ Thesis Paragraph: Where you state background info, and give a thesis statement. EX–-Unlike his men, Odysseus for example is loyal, determined and intelligent. 2 Body Paragraph 1: Loyal 3 Body Paragraph 2: Determined 4 Body Paragraph 3: Intelligent 5 Conclusion Paragraph:

11 Body Paragraph Checklist Body Paragraphs 1-3
Restatement of part of thesis Set up Quote ----with speaker (character/narrator) and occasion (context, or what’s happening in the plot Give quote Explain Quote: Follow up a quote with at least two sentences of commentary and analysis before moving on to the next supporting detail.

12 One way Odysseus differs from his men is through his acts of loyalty.
Sentence Type Body paragraph # 1 Topic One way Odysseus differs from his men is through his acts of loyalty. Set up quote In the beginning of the epic the reader finds Odysseus on the goddess Calypso’s island. Calypso tries to offer Odysseus immortality to stay with her, but he refuses because he loves his wife. Give Quote Calypso out of jealousy questions Odysseus’ love for his wife saying, “Can I be less desirable than she is? Less interesting? Less beautiful?” (Homer ). Explain quote The reader can infer Odysseus’ loyalty to his wife in the fact that Calypso is practically begging Odysseus to stay with her. Odysseus’ men fall for temptations like this several times throughout the epic.

13 Conclusion Checklist:
Restate Thesis Borrow information and points made from paragraphs End with final thoughts or a quote explaining the chorus or societal views.

14 Conclusion Strategies Checklist:
Give a symbolic or powerful fact/detail Create an analogy that relates your topic to a larger implication Give an especially compelling example Use a meaningful quotation Recommend a course of action Echo the approach/language of the introduction Reference and make meaning of the title of the work you are analyzing

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