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Welcome! The Topic For Today Is…. Your Topic CharactersCompare/ Contrast MemoriesThe Community Misc. 200 400 600 800 1000 Final Jeopardy: wager pts.

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1 Welcome! The Topic For Today Is…

2 Your Topic CharactersCompare/ Contrast MemoriesThe Community Misc Final Jeopardy: wager pts

3 Characters: 200 Question: Who is the protagonist of The Giver? Answer Jonas

4 Characters: 400 Question: Who is the old man who’s name gets changed when Jonas becomes Receiver-in-Training? Answer The Giver

5 Characters: 600 Question: Who is the trainee who studies the fine art of release? Answer Fiona

6 Characters: 800 Question: Who works at the Department of Law and Justice? Answer Jonas’s mother

7 Characters: 1000 Question: Who falls in the river and is lost, but is later replaced? Answer Caleb

8 Compare and Contrast: 200 Question: What do Jonas and Rosemary have in common? Answer They were both Receivers-in-training. (They were both loved by the Giver.)

9 Compare and Contrast: 400 Question: What is one difference between Jonas and Rosemary? (non-answer: one boy, one girl) Answer Jonas was successfully training; Rosemary wanted to be released as a result of her training

10 Compare and Contrast: 600 Question: What is the major difference between families in Jonas’s community and families in our society? Answer Our families experience love and emotional attachment; their families are assigned.

11 Compare and Contrast: 800 Question: What is one major difference between the government of Jonas’s community and ours? Answer We have a president; they have the Elders. We vote; Elders make the decisions. We have freedom of choice; they don’t.

12 Compare and Contrast: 1000 Question: Think about Gender roles in the community in terms of equality. Are both genders treated equally? Give one example. Answer Yes. Jonas’s dad’s job is just as important as his mom’s.

13 Memories: 200 Question: What memory did Jonas attempt to give Lily? Answer The memory of the death of the elephant.

14 Memories: 400 Question: What did Jonas learn from the memory of crashing on the sled? Answer Physical pain

15 Memories: 600 Question: How does Jonas help Gabe sleep? Answer He transfers the memory of the sailboat to calm him.

16 Memories: 800 Question: Which memory caused Jonas to feel “loss,” when he realized that he was no longer like his friends. Answer The memory of war.

17 Memories: 1000 Question: Which is the most important memory that Jonas is given? Why? Answer The Christmas memory; he learns love and that his family does not love him. He begins to see that he is different from his family and the rest of the community.

18 The Community: 200 Question: What do the numbers assigned to each newchild signify? Answer The order of their birth

19 The Community: 400 Question: What is the name of the land that lies beyond the river? Answer Elsewhere

20 The Community: 600 Question: What is the nightly ritual that Jonas hated? Answer The sharing of feelings

21 The Community: 800 Question: Which month are the ceremonies held in? Answer December

22 The Community: 1000 Question: What is the experience that each member of the community takes a pill for? Answer Stirrings

23 Misc.: 200 Question: What event at the beginning of the book scared Jonas? Why did it scare him? Answer The plane flying over the community; because it was a new experience and planes never fly over the community.

24 Misc.: 400 Question: What is the cause of Jonas taking Gabriel away from the community? Answer He finds out from his father that Gabe will be released.

25 Misc.: 600 Question: Why do Jonas’s parents say that they don’t love Jonas? Answer Because love is too vague a word. They don’t understand the word because they’ve never experienced it.

26 Misc.: 800 Question: How does Jonas keep the search planes from finding him and Gabriel? Answer He transmits the memories of cold so that the heat-seeking planes don’t locate them.

27 Misc.: 1000 Question: Why is Jonas not permitted to apply for Release? Answer If Jonas left the community, all of the memories would go to the citizens and create chaos.

28 Final Jeopardy: wager pts. Question: What does the author think is more important: the individual or the community? Why? Answer The author feels the individual is more important because the reader sees the downfalls of putting the community first through Jonas’s experiences.

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