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“I am confronted by insurmountable opportunity.” Pogo Possum TEST SLIDE for sharply focusing projector and adjusting the lighting of the room for optimal.

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1 “I am confronted by insurmountable opportunity.” Pogo Possum TEST SLIDE for sharply focusing projector and adjusting the lighting of the room for optimal viewing. A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES


3 A World of Possibilities

4 Almost anything is possible— if you believe it.


6 A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES Skills for Creating Happiness and Blessing Others

7 A World of Possibilities 1. Your Vision Map 2. Making the Growth Choice 3. The Way of Peace 4. Heart Intelligence 5. The Freedom of Self-Discipline

8 A World of Possibilities 6. Embracing This Present Moment 7. Accepting and Loving Your Body 8.Healthy Relationships 9.Unleashing Your Creativity 10.Gifts of Gratitude and Blessing

9 Module # 10 of 10 Gifts of Gratitude and Blessing

10 Group Activity Do you believe in the power of positive thinking and/or the power of prayer? If so, why? SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTION:

11 “As we focus on what we are thankful for, fear, anger, and bitterness melt away, seemingly without effort.” M. J. Ryan

12 The Target of Life is a very helpful way to understand our individual and collective well-being.

13  When you’re centered in the heart of the Target of Life, you’re at your best and life seems brighter.  You see clearly and therefore make optimal decisions.  You feel peaceful, loving, energetic, and happy.  You’re in a good position to handle just about anything.  However, when things happen that go against our desires and expectations, it’s easy to get pulled off center.

14  We experience more fear and negativity.  We say and do things we regret.  The immune system weakens and our productivity declines.  We lose touch with what’s really important to us.  Unhealthy stress increases and our sensitivity toward others decreases.  And the further away from the center we move, the worse it gets!

15  That’s why it’s so important to catch early signs of stress, and to use all of our creativity to stay as centered as possible.  When we are centered in the heart of the Target of Life, difficulties still crop up, but we can handle them much more smoothly and effectively.  The more centered we are, the greater our well-being, the wiser our choices, and the more effective we are in everything we do.

16 Group Activity Let’s say a person develops a strong attitude of gratitude and begins to reach out to bless others. How might this change his or her life? SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTION:

17 Almost any individual, relationship, family, organization, community, or nation can benefit from the skillful application of gratitude and blessing.

18 Gratitude, the skill of feeling and expressing appreciation, can be beneficially practiced on three levels of increasing difficulty:

19 1.For what is unexpected and wonderful. 2.For the positives in life that we often take for granted. 3.For the various challenges that test our resolve and creativity and that often contain hidden blessings.

20 As with gratitude, blessing—the act of giving something positive to another— can be practiced effectively in thought, word, and overt action.

21 Mounting research has documented the substantial power of both prayer and intentionally directed thought.

22 With gratitude and blessing, both the giver and receiver reap important and substantial benefits.

23 The applications of gratitude and blessing are virtually unlimited, can be used by anyone, require no waiting periods or large capital investments, transcend ideological differences, and are wonderfully contagious.

24 Group Activity Can you give a personal example of how you have been touched by gratitude or blessings coming from others? SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTION:

25 Having a thankful heart and reaching out in blessing to others are hardly new concepts. That’s part of their beauty:

26 They are easily understood, widely recognized as valuable, and are used by diverse groups of people. But we have only begun to tap the potential of these amazing tools. The possibilities and benefits are immense!

27 Counselors, philosophers, and all major religions encourage expressing gratitude and blessing others, and researchers have discovered that these practices are associated with an impressive array of positive outcomes both for givers and receivers.

28 Even when carried out solely on the level of thought, as in silent prayer for another, significant positive changes in health and overall well-being have been documented.

29 Researchers also have found that positive thoughts produce benefits even when directed toward animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and blood cells. To the imaginative mind, the potential of these findings is staggering!

30 Gratitude and blessing seem tailor-made for our time-pressured, stressed-out society. Often requiring little or no extra time, they can do wonders for reducing the burden of stress that wears heavily on our physical well-being and diminishes our creativity, spiritual attunement, and joy.

31 Researchers have discovered that when an individual engages in thoughts of appreciation, almost immediately his or her heart rate variability smooths out, indicating heightened psychophysiological coherence—a state associated with reduced stress, increased emotional stability, high performance, and a range of health benefits. Gratitude produces immediate benefits!

32 More than 100 controlled laboratory research studies show, in general, that prayer or concentrated thoughts of compassion, kindness, and love frequently result in healthful changes in a variety of living things, from humans to plants to bacteria.

33 Group Activity How might our world change if more people started making greater use of the gifts of gratitude and blessing? SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTION:

34 BEWARE OF THE OPPOSITES OF GRATITUDE AND BLESSING! While gratitude and blessing carry enormous positive power, their opposites—self-defeating negative thinking and complaining, and unkind thoughts and actions directed toward others—have great power to harm and should be strictly avoided.

35 Leading-edge research suggests that we live in a common “field of energy,” so that what we do to others, for better or worse, we are, in a very real sense, doing to ourselves.

36 If this is true, then anything less than showing compassion, understanding, and love for one another is like self-inflicted punishment —something, of course, that we want to avoid.

37 We’ve only begun tapping into the many ways in which we can more powerfully and creatively employ gratitude and blessing.

38 Think about what you have been learning, and then pick out one small goal you want to accomplish in the next few days. Choose a new possibility that’s important to you. Write your action plan now, briefly stating exactly what you will do and by when. A New Possibility

39 “If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.” Harold Kushner

40 I send out thoughts of goodwill and love to all those who come into my heart and my thoughts. It takes very little time and, in so doing, I, too, am blessed. POSITIVE SELF-TALK

41 Remember, the more centered you are on the Target of Life, the more accepting and loving you will be, and the easier it will be for you to feel gratitude and to bless others.

42 Together, let’s envision and build a world where all people enjoy optimal well-being. Let’s strive to awaken fresh thinking, new enthusiasm, and abundant love. Let’s create a world of undreamed-of possibilities. It can be done!

43 Almost anything is possible— if you believe it.

44 A World of Possibilities

45 Thank You!

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