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Book Club Plus: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking, Comprehension, and Writing Taffy E. Raphael University of Illinois at Chicago NYSRA, November.

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1 Book Club Plus: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking, Comprehension, and Writing Taffy E. Raphael University of Illinois at Chicago NYSRA, November 2002

2 Why Book Club Plus? Problems of practice in literacy teaching –Engagement with age-appropriate texts –Work with reading-level-appropriate texts Our Dual Obligations

3 Dual Obligations …Dual Commitment Age Appropriate Text Context Reading Level Appropriate Text Context Book Club Literacy Block

4 age-appropriate text access student-led discussion within instructional context created by teacher students apply taught strategies within student- led book clubs reading-level appropriate text access teacher-led discussion around specific skills/strategies/words to be taught students learn new strategies within guided reading group

5 Problem of Practice in Professional Development 1.Lacking experiences with conversation- based learning (reading/writing) 2.Lacking experiences working across cultural, linguistic, and economic borders

6 Experiences We Valued ….with texts that challenged us.…with authentic, meaningful literacy activity that included reading, writing, and talk ….thinking about the influences of culture, economics, and language on our own learning ….learning through conversation

7 What we did…  We READ and TALKED ABOUT Autobiography and Related Genres  We WROTE Literacy & Life History Portfolios  We CREATED Book Club/Literature-Based Unit Construction and Teaching

8 How We Did Our Reading: Book Club for All Ages ReadingWriting Book Club Opening Community Share Closing Community Share

9 Sample Teacher Book Club Ideas Author study (e.g., Julia Alvarez) Genre study (e.g., autobiography) Theme study (e.g., intergenerational relationships in our lives) Professional book study

10 Literacy & Life History Portfolios Integrating Writers Workshop with Book Club

11 Sample Writers Workshop Building/Accessing Background Knowledge through “Shared Reading”: William Joyce’s Scrapbook Building/Accessing Background Knowledge through “Quick Writes”

12 Portfolio Entry #1 Letters in My Family: The Artifacts

13 Dad’s Letters

14 Dennis & Family

15 David and Matt: from Camp

16 Literacy Entry … The essay draft

17 Building on Our Experiences Creating Curriculum to Meet our Dual Commitments: The Addition of Literacy Block

18 It’s all about ownership!

19 Book ClubLiteracy Block ReadingWriting Book Club Community Share Guided Reading Unit Work Working with Words Journaling Process Writing Read Aloud Sustained Silent Reading Book Club Plus: A Complete Literacy System

20 A Closer Look at the Key Components Community Share: Opening Closing

21 Opening Community Share Teacher modeling/ demonstrating Group Practice Students later use learned strategies to meet their own goals Comparing communities for The Giver

22 Family Stories Unit Introduction Opening Community Share: –Whole class –Teacher- led Prompt: What do we know about families?

23 “Floating” Community Share

24 Closing Community Share ðReinforcing Opening Community Share mini- lesson if applied in students' Book Club discussions ðObservations, positive and/or negative, from the teacher or students themselves about what went well and/or what was problematic ðMaking thematic connections ðConnecting across books in multi-title units ðInformal cross-talk between groups, facilitated by the teacher, discussing and connecting their small group discussions as a whole class

25 Book Clubs And Fish Bowls

26 Book Clubs Student-led Based on age-appropriate text 4 - 5 students per group Reading the same book Meets about 5 minutes initially, then longer as kids feel more capable of sustaining a discussion

27 Fishbowl

28 Writing A tool for reflection (e.g., logs, sketch to stretch) A tool for sharing information and ideas (e.g., essays) A tool for gathering and organizing information (e.g., reports) A tool for learning genres (e.g., story writing, “mimic” author’s’ style)

29 Reading The “lived through” experience of engaging with literature The use of strategies and skills for authentic purposes The learning about self, society, and the human experience through literature study across genres

30 Integrating Strategy Instruction with Book Club Plus Super QAR: An Example

31 QAR: A Powerful Language to Support Discussion Understanding sources of information Understanding the relationship between information sources, questions and responses Learning to generate interesting questions for discussion Learning to draw on information for answering questions

32 In the Book Right There: A “detail” type of question, where words used to form the question and words that answer the question are often “right there” in the same sentence. Think & Search: The answer is in the text, but readers have to “think & search” to find the answer; sometimes within a paragraph, across paragraphs, or even chapters.

33 In My Head Author and Me: The information to answer the question comes from my background knowledge, but to even make sense of the question, I’d need to have read and understood the text. On My Own: The question relates to the text, but I could probably answer this one even if I had never read the text. All the ideas and information come from my background knowledge.

34 QAR: A Development Model In the BookIn My Head Right ThereThink & SearchAuthor & MeOn My Own ExplanationCompare/Contrast Cause/Effect [text organization] [text-to-text connections] [connections: text-to-self text-to-theme]

35 Scaffolding Students Grade 2

36 Scheduling Modifications and Extensions of the Basic Components Daily Use

37 Organizing for the Week of Instruction: Teacher Daily Readaloud Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. OOpening community share [5-15 minutes] Reading [10 - 20 minutes] Writing [10 - 15 minutes] Book clubs [5 - 20 minutes] Closing community share [5 - 20 minutes] Guided Reading Groups Skills Centers WWW searches Journaling Unit Work/ Writers Workshop Social Studies connection

38 Generic Schedules

39 Middle School Book Club Scheduling

40 Scheduling a Year And looking at some samples

41 Culture as Anchor Part 1. Stories of Self Part 2. Family Stories [Patricia Palacco author study] Part 3. Stories of Culture(s) [Multicultural trade books and the WWW as Resources]

42 Storied Lives in Grade 8 Unit 1: Conformity vs Individuality (Stories of Self)  The Giver  Writing: memoirs Unit 2: Relationships (Stories of Family and Friendship  The Pigman  Formal Essay [taking responsibility] Unit 3: Civil Rights (Stories of culture/society)  Multi-title [see]  Writing as social action

43 Literature Selection: Stories of Self Books Roxaboxen McLerran Molly's Pilgrim Cohen “Chicken Coop Monster” from The Dark-Thirty Southern Tales of the Supernatural McKissak Boy Dahl My Life in Dog Years Paulsen When I Was Little Curtis Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born Curtis Tarantula in My Purse Craighead Family Pictures Garza The World of William Joyce Scrapbook Joyce Glorious Angels Myers Book Club Read Aloud Guided Reading Shared Reading ContextCopies 1/student 1 6 8-10

44 Unit Work: Grade 3

45 Unit Work: Memory Books for Unit Centered on The Giver Grade 8

46 Pages from a Memory Book

47 Family Stories: Author Study Patricia Polacco –Michigan Author –Many titles at different reading levels –Videotape of author/illustrator –Writes using autobiography

48 Books/Video for Family Stories Unit And... Babushka's Doll The Keeping Quilt Thank You Mr. Faulker The Bee Tree Book Club Guided Reading Viewing: Read Aloud

49 WHAT WAS LEARNED? Using standard district-mandated measures, how did our students do? Using project-specific measures, how did our students do?

50 Standard Assessments: Do Book Club Plus students face any disadvantages? On Standardized Test: IOWA Total Reading: No disadvantage On Basal Reading Program #1 Formal Test: No disadvantage On Basal Reading Program #2 Informal Assessment Test: No disadvantage

51 …and on performance-based assessments? e.g., growth in knowledge of language system, communicating ideas, etc.

52 I can write to communicate my ideas. I can use writing for different purposes and audiences. I can show “me” in my writing.

53 Character Map 11/23/98

54 Log Entry: Spring ‘99 I have a queshten on the end of chapter 3. Was litel Willy in the race or was he pracising? Thats the reason I was getting comefused. I like the book alot so far. I wonder what's going to happen next. This book is so exicting so far. it's like you are in the book. I'm getting comfused thogh. Was litel Willy's granfather alive or dead? Because litel Willy is talking to his granfather. Dous he have any parints arond? dous litel Willy have any frenids? Well I don't know!"

55 Rikki’s Pretest: Writing I come HoMe FROM Scholl I eat a snak I woch TV. I rid my bike to Badins or Laras. My eeys Are Boune My hair is dndy- Boand. I was Born on Agest 1

56 Rikki 2/9/99 When I was going to go to WhaltDisnyWold My sister and brother cept on tesing and poleing my hair out. I cept saying stop it but they gust said oh you’re a litel BaBy criying. Well my Brother cept on saying That. My sister cept poleing my hair. For an Hour and a 15 min. Soon my sister Stoped poleing my hair. But My Brother cept onying me. He said I bet you cant count to 100! My parints whar to striket about all the nows. The wher getting oniyd to! Finily my sister said ly of Ricki. By the time we got Thar allmost all my hair was gon. The end.

57 Rikki’s June 6 Posttest My hole family was in it. And I had it ever sinc I was boin. Then I [?+ l ened] 8. Know im ahmost 9. Well thats all you kn- ow about me so bye Good bye! Why ain’t you living? Oh, so you want to here more! Well you tauke avery thing from me. Oh ya I forgot my sister, Jessie, she dropt the cake on the floor for Alexe’s birth- day. About Me When I was born, I had now hare. But my mom said I was cute. My sister said that I shouuld be named Sinderella. I was born Auget 1, 1990 3:35 am. I was born mary hospetel. When I went to the chich to get Blessed, on ant Viky was holding me and I was chuwing on ant Viky’s themb. Then I went to Dokters. they gave me a book. they made it for me. The end.

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