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 New Employees Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

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2  New Employees Mount Vernon Nazarene University

3 Kevin Adams Infrastructure Technician

4 Leah Andrews Drama Teaching Assistant

5 Steve Armstrong Financial Aid Advisor

6 Packiaraj Arumugham Professor of Social Work

7 Elizabeth Barrett Instructor of Music

8 Aaron Bohn Temporary RD of Birch and Cedar Apartments

9 Christina Bohn Theology Teaching Assistant

10 Katie Booth Admissions Counselor

11 Joshua Booth GPS Technician

12 Megan Burden GPS Recruiter

13 Sara Burke Enrollment Events Assistant

14 Kevin Chaney Director for Graduate and Professional Programs

15 Carlana Coogle Nursing Teaching Assistant

16 Carla Coon Academic Services Assistant

17 Carol Dorough Dean of the School of Nursing

18 Jim Dorough GPS Assistant Chaplain

19 Brad Dunmire Financial Aid Advisor

20 Terry Dunnavant Phonathon Coordinator

21 Bonnie Foster Admissions Office Assistant

22 Amy Hamill ERC Specialist

23 Catie Hayes Secretary for Campus Ministries

24 Roger Higginbotham Safety Officer

25 Emilee Hollis Student Accounts Assistant

26 Ronald Lodwick Safety Officer

27 Melissa Martin Coordinator of Enrollment Events

28 Sean Mc Cutcheon Safety Officer

29 Callie Mc Inturf University Outreach Representative-Newark

30 Hannah Miller Administrative Secretary to Athletics

31 Jeremiah Moebs Service Delivery Technician

32 Justin Nowicki Service Delivery Technician

33 Danyell Rager Development Services Coordinator

34 Caleb Reiss Financial Aid Advisor

35 Brock Schroeder Vice President for GPS and Enrollment

36 Andrew Stebbins Assistant Professor of Sociology

37 Jamie Thorne Budget Analyst

38 Eric Vail Assistant Professor of Theology

39 Bonnie Van Winkle Admissions Office Assistant

40 Tara West Supplemental Instruction Coordinator

41 William White Assistant Professor of Education

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