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The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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1 The Crucible By Arthur Miller
An introduction To: Characterizations

2 Introductory Information
Written by Arthur Miller 1953 A fictional recreation of the Salem witch trials, their origins, and a psychological investigation of the act of persecution and McCarthyism. Began investigations into Miller’s “Communist activities” by Senator McCarthy

3 Main Characters of The Crucible
Physical Description Personality Traits Actions Motivations Opinion

4 Reverend Parris Mid-40s Widower with children
Not a bad father, just did not understand children Lacked control in his household Paranoid and self-pitying Concerned with what others think of him Power-hungry Disliked by parishioners Hostile

5 Betty Parris 10 year old daughter of Reverend Parris
Falls into “stupor” After father caught her dancing in the woods Her illness sparks rumors of witchcraft

6 Abigail Williams Orphaned Niece of Rev. Parris “Strikingly beautiful”
Smart and cunning “Dissembling” Hides true feelings and motives Vindictive Mysterious rumors about her purity Leader of the group

7 Tituba Rev. Parris’ slave From Barbados Cares about the children
Is the first accused of witchcraft Confesses and repents

8 John Proctor Mid 30s Successful farmer Even-tempered and easy going
Thinks for himself Often seen as a loner Respected in Salem Logical and tolerant Sees himself as a sinner

9 Elizabeth Proctor John Proctor’s wife “Sickly” Virtuous Cold
Eager to please her husband Timid Avoids conflict Often sad

10 Mary Warren 17 years old Proctor’s servant Lonely
Easily influenced by others Worried

11 Thomas Putnam 50 years old Eldest son of richest man in Salem
Wealthy Landowner Fights with others over land Greedy Nosy Jumps to conclusions Vindictive Little concern for others

12 Ann Putnam 45 years old Thomas’ wife “Haunted” and “twisted soul”
Lost 7 infants Blames others for misfortunes Nosy

13 Ruth Putnam Thomas and Ann’s daughter Only surviving daughter
Falls into stranger stupor After Rev. Parris found dancing in woods Like her “soul was taken”

14 Reverend John Hale 40 years old from Beverly Specialist in demonology
Intellectual Reserves judgment Sensible His arrival sets the hysteria in motion

15 Mercy Lewis 18 years old Girl in Abigail’s group “Fat”
Sly and merciless Apathetic “Beat” Ruth when ill

16 Francis Nurse Respected in the town Self-made man
Serves as unofficial judge for disputes Self-made man Resented by others Target of jealousy Enemy of Thomas Putnam

17 Rebecca Nurse 72 years old Francis’ wife Gentle, caretaker
Calm and strong Experienced Believes “sickness” just boredom of teenage girls Reasonable Wants peace and tolerance in Salem

18 Giles Corey 83 years old “Comical Hero” Cranky Deeply innocent
Ignorant and uneducated

19 Martha Corey Giles’ third wife Enjoys reading
Leads to her accusation of witchcraft

20 Ezekiel Cheever Clerk of the court Upright citizen
Determine to perform duty for court

21 Deputy Governor Danforth
60 years old Grave Allows humor Still business-like Great respect for court Honest True Puritan Believes he is doing what is right Sense of Justice

22 Judge Hathorne Presides over the witch trials Rushes to judgment
Impatient Partial and unfair


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